Hope Begins Foundation: The NGO that is touching skies but serving at the ground level. 

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Delhi NCR-based NGO Hope Begins Foundation is making noise these days for the wonderful work they are doing towards uplifting the needy section of society. The whole team, the volunteers are working rigorously to help the hungry get their food for the family. Not just that, they are also helping the families who lost their bread earner during covid and have a girl child. Other projects include assisting people financially during medical emergencies, organizing sports for the differently-abled, and more. Needless to say that this requires them to work day and night selflessly as their projects are not limited to only a specific geographical area but across the country.

The foundation started not long ago in 2017 as a trust with the intention to support the differently-abled. Just last year, in Feb, they became a section 8 registered company. They have created a significant impact in society with such less tenure, and their name echoed everywhere. They were also noticed by big brands and renowned personalities who have appreciated their work. Testimonials of many such personalities can be seen on their website. 

With just a few people as the core team working together, the organization is growing in terms of team size. It is adding more people to its team, and more and more volunteers are getting associated with it as well. People are excited to work with Hope Begins Foundation and are also looking forward to collaborate with it. With the increase of people, they can do multiple events in a day at numerous locations. For instance, their recent event was distributing food and clothes at an orphanage in Delhi. While one team was involved in this activity, another team distributed food at another location. With multiple teams working at various locations, they are able to accelerate their work much faster than before. It is looking to expand its team more and start more branches in different cities across the country. This will help them reach more underprivileged people in every corner of the country. This is very much needed because after covid affected the world, people are still trying to recover from the losses. There are people who are still finding it hard to arrange a food meal for their family. Just because the news doesn’t show, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The volunteers of the foundation have seen it at a ground level. 

They have recently started a project called NEEV where they are taking care of those girl children who lost their father or both parents during covid. Hope Begins Foundation is taking care of all responsibilities of education of the child till she completes her 12th Grade. Right from books to other requirements for study till paying the tuition fee, everything related to education is taken care of. They have identified a few girls and are still looking for more such girls they can support with this project. There is no limit to how many such families can be supported as long as there are many donations from people. Just like their first project of sports tournaments for differently-abled saw a lot of success, they are hopeful that this project will also be as successful as that and will greatly help those families. 

Looking at a little background of the foundation, it was started by three friends, Pranav Mishra, Shoaib Ali, and Bitupan Baruah. With its head office in Delhi NCR, they have volunteers across the country. The projects include Ending Hunger, Cricket for Differently abled, Financial support during medical emergencies, and supporting the education of poor children. During Covid, they distributed 30 lacs meals to the underprivileged and the labourers. Many people recognized their work and got a lot of media attention. They organized multiple cricket tournaments for the differently-abled in various parts of the country. 

The foundation is seen collaborating with many Orphanages, and Children Cares to support their work. They have also collaborated with many prominent and well-known NGOs like Khalsa Help Foundation, Goonj, etc., to name a few. Talking about future plans, the foundation is looking to expand its current projects and expand its team to both tier 1 and tier 2 cities. They believe they are working on two significant societal issues, i.e., Hunger and Education. And if these two are taken care of, then a lot of other problems in society will go away by themselves. 


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