Honey n Beaute: How one woman’s experience is changing the cosmetic industry

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The beauty industry is becoming increasingly complex. Our instinct is to dislike complexity. But we either embrace it, or we’re not going to be around. The barriers to entry have been lowered, creating a competitive threat to the established players. “It’s like music, everyone can do it now so in order to succeed you actually have to be good and consumer centric. Customers and their behaviours have changed. They care about the ingredients and whether or not the product is natural or not.

That’s where Umaira Habib’s brand comes in. Honey n Beaute was founded in 2019 to cater to the new demands and expectations of women and millennials, especially. The brand is nature infused, relies on personal feedback and that is also the main innovative margin of the brand. Honey n Beaute is constantly evolving and creating.

Umaira Habib believes that a global collapse of institutional and brand authority is taking place. Since the consumers are flooded with so much conscious information that they are being very choosy and picky with their brand consumption. Umaira says, “I believe there are four reasons for the changes: First, erosion of trust in society. Then the race to sell at the most affordable price. Then maybe, craving for authenticity and finally, shifting sources of influence.”

Umaira Habib with a broad view of solving the issues of people, alongwith beauty products has also introduced a 9 layer homemade cotton pad to overcome the side effects of commercial pads like itching, infection and infertility. With this Umaira Habib foresees establishing a factory to meet the demands in the future.

Umaira Habib remarks,”Hard work, passion and determination towards a business is all required to surpass the heights of success. And also, most importantly- one strong why. Why do you do what you do? My why has been to change the cosmetic industry as we know it and to break the taboos surrounding it. That makes me innovative and creative in every step.”

Umaira was awarded with the Best Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2020 for her efforts in the direction of providing a considerable and conscious brand.


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