Glam Guidance announced Miss/Mrs India Universe 2021 winners, beauty with brains selected from all over the country.

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Glam Guidance Miss/Mrs India Universe 2021 was successfully organised on 19th December. In which 56 participants from all over India showed their talent. All 56 participants from India showed their own culture and represented their state. All these participants had come from almost all the states of the country. The winner of Miss India Universe 2021 is Janhabi Jena, who hails from Gajapati, Odisha. The winner of Mrs India Universe 2021 is Yana Mirchandani, who hails from Kalyan, Maharashtra. Glam Guidance Miss/Mrs India Universe 2021 is a National level competition that tests contestants on international standards. A rigorous jury selected the winners. The jury members included Smiley Mukta Ghosh from America, Nazia from Singapore, Kanika from Dubai, Girish Kumar from India and Mrs India Neha Singh. Mr Haider Ali provided health and fitness training to all the finalists. 

The first runner up in the Miss category was won by Salini Ghosh (West Bengal) and Kaveesha Verma (Uttarakhand). The second runner up was won by Riya Kalshyana (Uttarakhand) and Jyotilaxmi Sahoo (Odisha). 

Barsha Mohini Das (Odisha) was won the first runner up in the Mrs category. The second runner up was won by Ankita Parihar (Uttar Pradesh) and Nancy (Delhi). The Director of the show Neha Singh said that the participation from almost all the states of the country was a matter of pride in itself and the example of unity in diversity of the country that has once again emerged from this show. 

The jury members congratulated the winners from different Indian states of the country, and Glam Guidance wished for their bright future.

Director Neha Singh is working hard in shaping the career of many dedicated women in the field of Fashion, lifestyle and Glamour World. She said, “it’s an ethics that every women has to maintain in her success journey, and every woman can achieve the success if they work hard in right direction”, she also said, Modelling and representation of our personality is an art. It reflects in your personality when you see yourself and start working on it to improve it well. As a Director of Glam Guidance Private Limited, she motivates all interested models to shape their careers. She runs many Beauty Pageants. She recently announced registrations Miss/Mrs India Asia 2022. It is also a National level Beauty Pageant. Its registrations are open for All the Indian States and Union Territories females. Glam Guidance keeps running National and International level Beauty Pageants. The Director says that Beauty Pageant or a crown is a huge responsibility, a responsibility of making others aware, the responsibility of upliftment of society in one way, and the responsibility of providing respect to humanity and preserving humankind.

Glam Guidance is setting High International standards to bring out the best beauty with brains from worldwide via its Beauty Pageants. The candidates who clear the audition compete in the Grand Finale. The events are supported by €nlighten India Magazine, €nlighten India Productions, RN Today News, LNV News Channel, JH24 News Channel, NCR Express-News, Mystic Sphere Magazine, Fashion Flair Magazine and A. Ji Jewellers, RN Today Magazine and Voice of Himalaya News. All the well-known Groomers and Trainers are well known in the industry provided the training.

The Jury members are from different countries so that the best selection will be made after the successful training of the Finalists. Glam Guidance CEO & Founder Girish Kumar has High hopes from all the winners of Miss/Mrs India Universe 2022. He always mentions that “Everybody is having some inherent qualities, the qualities that make them different and unique. Identify that uniqueness, respect that uniqueness and work on it to make it more representable. Your hidden qualities and beauty will come out and when you will be able to represent yourself in a right way you win in life. Just you have to realise you and the celebration begins” So grooming, and training will be provided from the best choreographers and trainers in the industry, he said. 

The Director of Glam Guidance, Neha Singh, is also coming out to be a vibrant personality in glamour. She became the role model of many women in her early success at a young age. Other than this, she is growing herself as a social worker. She keeps helping women to aware them of their dignity and rights. She is coming out to be the covid warrior. Also, she took the responsibility of serving and delivering free food to Covid affected families in Ghaziabad and Delhi. She is getting appreciated for her social work in a tough time in the country. Whatever she learnt about developing in this field, she wants this knowledge to get transferred to all the participants, finalists and winners, so that they can make their good career in this industry. She keeps herself involved to know the updates of the Industries.

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