Gaming Multi-Millionaire Andrew Offers His Perspective on the Next 5 Years for the Gaming Industry

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Andrew once has a normal life. However, what is considered normal is something he absolutely abhors. The daily commute to work and the sheer monotony of working in the corporate world were simply too much for him. Coupled with the fact that he was barely earning a living wage, Andrew looked for a Haily Mary. He found one in professional gaming.

By investing his life savings into a top-of-the-line gaming rig, Andrew was able to become a multi-millionaire playing competitively and winning tournaments. Being in the space for as long as he has now offers him unique insight into where the next five years of professional gaming and e-sports are headed. Here is Andrew’s perspective on what to expect.

  1. AR and VR Gaming Competitions

Andrew sees augmented reality and virtual reality becoming more commonplace within the next five years. While there are VR headsets currently like Oculus, they don’t have that many games, nor are the ones available the kind that can be played competitively. However, Andrew sees this changing rather quickly over the next few years, leading to a brand new way of competing in gaming tournaments.

  • Stronger Gaming Communities

Gaming communities are pretty strong as it is these days, but as the world becomes more connected and personal, Andrew sees these communities becoming ever closer. In fact, he believes they may become something akin to a family. He also sees video game developers directly approaching gaming communities and asking for their input, suggestions, and insights into what sort of features they should add or avoid within the games they make. A more inclusive approach is something Andrew thinks is inevitable, as the world becomes more connected overall, and big budgets for video games requiring more reassurance that the money spent and invest in video game development will be worth it in the end.

Andrew has seen a lot of changes within the gaming space over the years. He sees this as a space where things move fast and change can be faster than you can blink. It is not unusual for video games to rise quickly rise in popularity, as well as drop fairly fast. You simply need to look at what happened to the recent buggy release of Cyberpunk 2077 as an example of this. There is a tremendous amount of potential within the professional gaming industry. Next-generation games involving augmented reality and virtual reality can support entire industries and do so in a much more efficient way than was done previously.

Andrew not only used playing video games to maintain financial freedom, but actively teaches other aspiring gamers how to succeed like him due to its nature of being fun and financially freeing. While he doesn’t necessarily recommend throwing your entire life savings into the best gaming rig as he did, he does suggest investing what you can. You need to start somewhere, and you can always upgrade once you begin winning come competitions.

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