From Bachelors to Besuited Mavericks- The Ambitious Journey of SkillVertex

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“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you believe that you too can be great.” —Mark Twain 

Like every motivated start-up that has made it big (or still on its journey to get there), we, at SkillVertex, have also faced our share of hardship. There were many who questioned our choice of field- EdTech and our vision. But, we believe that nothing is served on a silver platter, and we were ready to work for it. 

Call it a happy accident or destiny, but SkillVertex was not on our minds when we prepared to step into the corporate world. In fact, we interviewed with multiple MNCs during our college’s placement season. That is when we realised that their expectations and questions were out of what we were ever taught. Indeed on paper, it is claimed that everything was covered. However, colleges, at times, brush past several essential topics. Hence, we realised that we need to step up and help everyone get a shot at the excellent and respectable jobs they deserve. 

That is where SkillVertex comes in. 

Skillvertex is an e-learning platform that provides budget-friendly upskilling programs under a diverse range of domains. These programs can be accessed by anyone- from a metro city or a small town. Our experienced industry experts provide the students with in-depth knowledge of their fields, but the masters interact with them one-on-one to clear their doubts. We focus heavily on practical knowledge through real-time projects in industry simulated environments. 

Additionally, we provide career counselling, personality development sessions along with globally accepted certifications.

 We give everything we have to get our students the dream job they seek and deserve. 

When the universe conspires to get you something, you CAN get it. But, if we are with you, you WILL get it.”– Nimish Keshri, Chief Executive Officer. 

It’s been a little more than a year since the founders sat together and pledged to change the face of digital education in India. We are a core team of 10 members, each representing one pillar of what we are. We have 350+ employees, each zealous to work together and reach every corner of the country. 

Everyone says that the industry is tough. Most e-learning platforms just upload their material and tests without giving individual attention to every student. But we wanted to be different. As we mentioned earlier, we wanted to ensure that everyone has all the tools in their hands to go after what they want to do. We all have just one lifetime; why settle when we can make our dreams come true? 

It does not matter where we are; it matters where we want to go. The future should not remember us as a blip in Ed-tech, but as the pioneers of something great”– Adit Raj, Chief Technical Officer. 

We offer 26+ online upskilling programs. All the programs are divided into domains such as Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, and Management.

 Furthermore, these programs are divided into categories such as Training, Placement Assurance, Cohort, and Advanced. 

In just one year, we have 10,000+ active learners on our platform. We are also partnered with reputed institutes like SRMIST and M.O.P Vaishnav for their extra credit courses. In fact, we were recently awarded with the honour of being the Best Edtech Platform 21 by CE Worldwide. 

Love is the best motivator. We will make you fall in love with your career and ambitions. Your motivation will do the rest.”– Abhinav Ayush, Chief Operating Officer. 

And, mark our words, this is just the beginning. With the core team as the root and our dedicated employees as our robust backbone, we are going to stop at nothing.

 We have created a wave in the education sector, compelling everyone to let go of their inhibitions and aim for their best. 

We ensure that we have our learners’ backs till their resume is on top of the pile. Not every bit of knowledge comes from a classroom. In fact, most of it comes from your home. 

So, we at SkillVertex, pledge to help you sharpen your skills, add experience to your quivers and put you on the winning team. With the spirit in our hearts and vision in our minds, we’ll see you on the other side. 



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