From An Abusive & Struggling Path to a Successful Career Woman

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Beauty of life is in its diversity. Life is unpredictable and its events are uncontrolable. We don’t know what the time has hidden for us in its womb. We have to accept life and its situation as it is and try to live accordingly.

This is Dipa Sharma { (hons), CS (inter), B.ed (Maths and Economics) from New Delhi. Single mother, blessed with twins , teacher ,author and book reviewer. Becoming a teacher was not her choice but her destiny. She wanted to become CS ( company Secretary). Her life has been a rolar coaster ride since childhood but she managed to ride it smoothly. She runs her own tutorial named as “Sanwariya Tutorials”. She has reviewed more than 60 books and co – author in more than 100 anthologies. She is the compiler of 5 anthologies and has achieved winning certificates in many writing competitions. Her poems, articles and stories have been published in various newspaper, magazines and websites. Along with India, her works have also been published in Kenya, USA and Zimbabwe. She has been awarded with ” MERITORIOUS STAR 2022 , AIBA ( ALL INDIA BEST WRITER AWARD ) 2022. ” भारत माता अभिनंदन सम्मान 2022 ” , ” साहित्य गौरव सम्मान 2022″ for her contribution in writing field. The struggle of her life made her realize that no one gets anything ahead of time and more than luck. It is our responsibility to work hard with dedication and complete convection. Khatuwala is incharge of everything else. Work hard and get success but keep it with your family and friends. Because you can see the golden glow of your success only in their eyes. You can reach her on instagram @radhika47605 or can mail her at


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