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Frank Fourie – A Musician’s Outlet is a Listener’s Escape

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We’ve all had moments where we wished to just disappear into our shells to process situations or experiences. This human trait is defined as escapism, which can be either positive or negative. However, when it comes to finding an escape through music, it becomes a way of reflecting and delving into your deepest emotions, which helps you process and get back up. According to Frank Fourie, music is one of the best ways of positive escapism from everyday life. For artists, music provides an outlet for their emotions and experiences, whereas the listeners can escape to another world by tuning into their favorite artists’ songs. Fourie explains that music provides not only an escape but also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of emotions.

For most of his life, Frank Fourie has been surrounded by music. He explains, “Sometimes, music seeps into every inch of my existence and forces me to face my past and relive my memories and feelings. These instances have shaped many of my emotions and acted as a form of self-therapy.”

Fourie further says that music, as an escape for him, has helped him dissect complicated emotions and come to terms with them one by one and at their own pace. He explains, “Society demands that we all have everything figured out most of the time. When I feel overwhelmed, I turn to music, which helps calm my racing thoughts and provides an unobstructed view of where to go next.”

Frank Fourie also adds that since music can be felt, it provides the best compliment to how we process our emotions. Our playlists are composed of songs that hit various emotions and either amplify or soothe our thoughts. Fourie says that even when listening to music alone, it feels like you are sharing in the experiences of so many others. This helps you feel understood in a way that nothing else can.

Music has always created a sense of comfort, understanding, and excitement for us, depending on what we’re listening to. “The fact that one can find a song that suits every feeling, mood, and occasion makes music the perfect form of escape,” Frank Fourie concludes.

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