Five Ways to Excel as An Author In The Post-Pandemic World By Robert J. Moore

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You poured everything you had into writing that book. You remember the joy you felt the first time you held it in your hands, much like a mother holding her newborn child for the first time. But then the pandemic hit and that messed with your plans to excel as an author.

Just when you thought things were starting to recover, new variants of the virus hit, and you’re left wondering if you will ever be able to use your book to get ahead. The answer is yes!

Just like every other industry that was hit hard over the last two years, Covid-19 pulled the rug out from under published authors. Although there was chaos for quite sometime, with change comes new opportunities. The key is rolling with the punches and being adaptable.

Here are five ways published authors can excel in the post-pandemic world.

Learn How to Utilize Virtual Audiences 

Engaging online and offline audiences takes a lot to master. Luckily, there are certain strategies authors can take to attract and keep their virtual viewers. For starters, whether you speak online or offline, people are still able to feel your passion about your book, so keep your energy level high and smile often.

Creating interactive online experiences can also go a long way to keeping an audience interested. Give your audience opportunities for interaction and incentives. Hold contests in which audience members can win Amazon gift cards or a short coaching session.Record your online presentations as they can often be used in various ways to engage new audiences in the future.

Put Your Skills To The Test On Different Online Platforms 

Once you know how to attract and engage an audience, you can start utilizing online platforms such as podcasts, online radio broadcasts and social media to spread your message. Even in the pre-pandemic world, if you weren’t marketing and utilizing the online world, you were surely far behind.

According to Podcast Insights, there are more than two million podcasts out there right now with more than 48 million episodes in production. There are podcasts for every topic under the sun and most need guests. They crave industry experts and authors just like you to share a fascinating story or shed some insights on a topic with their listeners. Your podcast episode can be reshared on social media and other online platforms for even more exposure.

Leverage Your Credibility to Up-brand Yourself

Many authors write a book with hopes of landing in a big bookstore or library so their message can be shared with the world. This is certainly important, but don’t forget to use your book to open new doors and revenue streams. Your book is your most important marketing tool because most industry experts are not published authors. For the few who have achieved this milestone, it sets them apart from everyone else.

Imagine you meet a potential client for the first time, and you hand them a copy of your book. That screams credibility and is sure to make an impression. Be sure to mention that you are a published author in your bio, on your website, in all your marketing materials, when being introduced to give a speech and as part of your elevator pitch. The name of the game is up-branding.

Become a Speaker

In-person events took a hit when the pandemic hit. Although live events are slowly coming back, many companies are still holding events online, and guess what they need? Speakers! Being an author gives you an “In” to speaking opportunities. Remember, your book up-brands you, deems you an authority, says you are credible, and can create speaking opportunities.

Send your book to speaker bureaus, meeting planners and event coordinators. Don’t forget about the chamber of commerce, toastmasters, and other local and online organizations. If you are new to the speaking business, start small, build your confidence and master your message before going after larger groups to talk in front of.


TV shows, newspapers, magazines, radio programs and online news outlets didn’t shutdown during the pandemic. They still report the news, and they need credible experts and guests now more than ever. Being a published author tells a journalist that you are an expert and definitely helps open doors into the media. The key is to mention your book but don’t make your pitch all about the book. Focus on being the expert voice to offer perspective and advice to their audience.

The takeaway

As an author, you have tons of advantages over everyone else. The opportunities are out there and they are plentiful. All it takes is a small shift in strategy. As the late Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Robert J. Moore is the founder of Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc.and has published more than 100 books. He is an international bestselling author, Guinness World Record holder, professional speaker and coach. For more information, visit


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