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Expressionism of Anastasia Berthier…

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Anastasia Berthier is said to have a 34KK all-natural breast, became the sensational and most curvy model of this generation. Few years ago, she opened her house to public through social media, as aside from being a model she is an animal lover namely Lulu the Moluccan cockatoo, Geralt the cat, Mr. Sky the Yorkshire terrier dog, and Serik the African grey parrot etc. But that was just a piece of chunk of what we know from her as our curvy model has a lot to offer to the world of modeling. Who would have thought that Anastasia has an innate talent such as painting?

 Yes, she loves to paint and she uses “Expressionism” to paint, on her IG she shares to her fans some of the most exquisite piece of her works. In fact, some of her fans are pushing her to do some exhibit or to join some bridging events that is in line with her style of art.

 Indeed, most people says that you cannot judge someone by their appearances and yes that’s exactly what we can see from Anastasia.  But do we know that she painted her 25-year long term friend named Kotrulya, who is going to celebrate her Divorce this 31st of May. She says “My Friend has become my inspiration ever since; I have been with her through my ups and my downs. Of course, I would like her to enjoy life and I would like to support her on everything that she does, that’s why I painted her to show her being strong and independent woman”

Anastasia is a package of true talent and beauty; she really shows what does a real beauty means to the world a mom of her fur pets and a loving and supporting friend all throughout. Kindly leave your comments and suggestions down below on what else do you want to cover for our model…

“Without a perseverance, talent is a barren bed”

– Welsh Proverb
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