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Exploring the Hospitality Industry with Gaurav Goswami

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Post COVID 19,the hospitality industry is  recovering from the suffered losses and is regaining back to its form.Keeping in mind about the COVID crisis,the industry has regained its operations with certain restrictions and safety precautions.

Our News Team  had the opportunity to converse with a reputed hospitality professional from Kolkata regarding the changing scenario of the industry.Gaurav Goswami has been into the industry since a long time and few days back he was a part of a pre opening luxury property at Rajarhat.Gaurav is well known for his effective handling of teams ,innovative ideas and his aggressive ways of handling industrial threats.

Gaurav,first we would like to congratulate you for your new assignments at Aquatica Water Park and Resorts.What do you think of the future prospects of the water park and resorts?

Gaurav- (smiles) Thank you for the wishes.Aquatica Water Park and Resorts is the largest water park and resort of Eastern India.Earlier we started with water park only but now it is one of the best marriage destination of Bengal.It is a combination of a water park and a high end resort with many lawns,coffee shop,lounge bar, food court, accomodations and conference halls.Hence for this reasons we have  a series of events,conferences in the coming months.In terms of waterpark,we have the craze not only in Bengal but also in the neighboring states.

Post COVID did you implement contactless service?

Gaurav- Not exactly.I believe in providing a personal touch in the services we provide.Even the guests also like to get the warmth of the services. I prefer to deliver services personally than through computer applications (smiles).

What will be your strategy to gain back the momentum?

Gaurav- Haan …this is a very tough one! We need to get associated with more corporates, need to feel the pulse of the potential consumers of our services and yes ,we have to reach them with a better service at a competitive tariff. See! A price war has already begun but we need to think more and more in attracting guest for our property.We will soon start with many loyalty programs to retain our existing guests.

How confident you are about the future of the industry?

Gaurav- The industry has already gone back to the normal  life since the last three months.People have started travelling,exploring new destinations,organizing big events,social gathering and enjoying the night life.I am 100% sure about the rise of the industry seeing the business trend of the city.The operational profit,at this point, might not be as the earlier days but yes that too will grow within a couple of months.Nothing is permanent in this world, we will soon recover from this grim and let us be positive enough…

We hope that the industry soon be back with its old glamour and shine.

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