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Exclusive Interview with Deepak Goyal CFA FRM 

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Let me introduce Deepak Goyal (Founder and CEO of RBei Classes) and his achievements till date. An intriguing journey of an entrepreneur dominating the Global market of CFA and FRM. He is known for his innovative teaching style, and the way he mentors students is really loved by students globally. In less than three years, the company had exponential growth in the size of the number of students and employees. Students spread out across 25+ countries (India, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Hong Kong, France, Croatia, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, African Countries, and more). 

Now Rbei Classes has become a brand globally. His concepts of weekly tests and focus on weak areas of the students attracted many students, and this innovative strategy worked well for the students, and they got good results. Many students join different coaching, and if they FAIL, they need to knock on the doors of RBei classes as he takes the challenge of making them PASS. Hats off to these efforts and dedication.

Hello Everybody. We have here with us one of the leading faculties of CFA and FRM globally, Mr Deepak Goyal. It’s god gifted that he can influence almost every student he comes across. He has got a charming personality and a brain and talent that is most rarely found. His energy and positiveness can make people wonder. Let’s ask him some questions:

 So Deepak, what makes you start your own coaching after doing CFA and FRM?

 Hello everyone. I must say I have followed my passion, and my passion has become a start-up. I understand the need for an innovative strategy to help students to pass exams easily, along with a good understanding of the concepts which is lacking among students. Exams are becoming just a mental pressure for them.

Okay, now next question, what makes you so unique that students globally recognize you and come for your mentorship? 

Students are getting regular mentorship and one-to-one communication with the mentor directly. I feel that is missing in almost every coaching institute nowadays. Building strategy and schedule, especially for the students based on their needs and requirement, is very important. EVERY STUDENT IS UNIQUE, so they need special treatment.

I must say this is really good for the students that they are getting good mentors like you. Any message for the readers? 

I would like to say to all the students that just don’t go after the certification because they are meant to build your future career. Choose the mentor who is personally available to you every time to help you and guide you on every step. CFA and FRM is not just a certificate. It’s your FUTURE CAREER. Along with these certifications, try to take some practical skills and coding language.

Rajbala Educational Institute (RBei) is a bootstrapped start-up taking giant leaps in the ed-tech industry. Amongst a few successful businesses to navigate the pandemic crisis, RBei has grown out to become one of the leading educators in the world of finance. The course is very well structured, and lectures are easy to understand with personalised mentorship. His entrepreneurial mindset saw RBei grow consistently and at a meteoric pace. Now, the company stands on its feet with running cash flow, no outside investment, and teaching 60000+ students across 50 countries by 2024. Deepak acknowledges the future challenges for the future, but he has surpassed all expectations until now. He keeps his ears to the ground in ways he can ride this ed-tech market boom.


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