Elevate Your Home with Sleeping Dog Properties: A Guide to Second-Story Additions in Boston, MA

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Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to make the most of the space and property they have. And with the real estate market in flux, many are looking to literally elevate the homes they are in rather than looking elsewhere for added square footage. The result has been a boom in home construction and design, with families adding on to their existing house in the form of a second story. This can be a great solution for many reasons, from not having to worry about foundation changes to avoiding issues with existing property setbacks. The key is to choose a reliable builder who understands design and construction to give you a home that works best for you.

At Sleeping Dog Properties, the emphasis in every project is on high quality work done with a design-build approach. Led by founder Chris Rapczynski, the firm is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the experience, starting with ideation and ending with precise finishing touches. This methodology is different from most construction firms, which often rely on separate designers to create the vision for a project and simply concern themselves with execution. Sleeping Dog Properties combines design and building for a cohesive approach streamlining everything from communication to costs across stakeholders in the project. As Boston’s premier design-build firm, Sleeping Dog Properties continues to work at the forefront of the region’s demand for innovative housing solutions, including the expansion of one-story homes into two-story homes with space to spare. 

Why Consider a Second-Story Addition?

The advantages are plentiful when it comes to considering a home renovation and addition in lieu of a move to a larger home. For one, property is at a premium, and location often trumps other factors such as home finishes or size. Homeowners happy with their existing property but looking for more space can consider building up, rather than outward, with far less hassle, too. And by adding usable rooms to the home, homeowners can also expect to increases their home’s value and their return on investment when it comes to the build project itself. 

There are, of course, considerations that need to be addressed before tacking a new floor onto a home. For one, the builder and architect will have to confirm the structural integrity of the home, ensuring that the foundation and existing structure can provide the groundwork needed to bolster and add on for a new story. Design is also a consideration, and a leading design-build firm like Sleeping Dog Properties can ensure the new space being added to the home also looks like it fits into the overall aesthetic of the house. This includes everything from the dimensions and scale of the addition to the design touches incorporated along the way. 

Adding a second story to an existing home is also a great way to maximize indoor space without encroaching on outdoor areas. Homeowners can preserve their yard and outdoor entertaining areas while nearly doubling the amount of square footage they have available to them on the inside by adding a second story. And while permits for building projects are always required, contractors and homeowners alike do not need to worry about set backs or other requirements from the local municipality when building upward.

Expert Consultation and Design-Build Approach with Sleeping Dog Properties

Homeowners considering a second story for their house should look no further than Chris Rapczynski and Sleeping Dog Properties. Serving the greater Boston area, the firm is the leading expert in design-build projects such as adding new levels to existing structures. They are also specialists in facilitating the build process while alleviating customer concerns around communication, timing, and budget management. Combined, the Sleeping Dog Properties leadership team brings over 50 years of experience to every project and has overseen more than $200 million in construction. 

Every Sleeping Dog Properties project starts with a consultation. The more information homeowners can share regarding their dream home and future plans, the more exact the firm’s designers and engineers can draw up proposals that reflect those goals. Partnering with everyone from architects to interior designers, Rapczynski’s team collaborates to place an emphasis on attention to detail right from the start. Everything is entered into a master project plan serving as the guideline for everyone involved throughout the design and build process, helping to improve transparency with clients and encourage communication between all vendors. The brainstorming session is turned into a complete scope and estimate that outlines the exact specifications of the project, paving the way for the build and management stage of the undertaking.

The design-build approach is unique to construction in that it combines the expertise of key contributors to the project from the start, ensuring cohesion between vendors. This can lead to quicker project turn arounds, which can reduce the overall cost of a project, as well as more accurate cost estimations. What’s more, engagements with firms like Sleeping Dog Properties typically require a single contract, allowing homeowners to defer subcontractor and project management to a complete team dedicated to their account and able to coordinate efforts across the build process. 

Navigating Contractor Agreements and Costs with Sleeping Dog Properties

When it comes to pricing, every project will have its own unique budget based on the specific scope of the work to be done. While it can be difficult to pin down an exact cost for a home remodel, especially one where a second story is being added, most contractors can provide estimates based on their expectations and client requirements. These estimates serve as guidelines but are often not the final figures associated with the build. One thing important to keep in mind is that there are no free hours when it comes to construction time. Anytime a contractor or a third-party vendor is called upon to provide a service, there are fees that come along with them. This makes it essential to work with a trusted firm like Sleeping Dog Properties to ensure that your dollars and any time spent are allocated to the fullest.

There are two main pricing contract types typically used for large-scale construction projects: lump sum and cost plus. A lump sum contract requires a contractor to provide services for a fixed price agreed on at the outset of a project. A cost plus contract includes the costs of all required materials plus any labor that is accrued during the fulfillment of the project, with fixed expectations for overhead. Cost plus contracts tend to be more favorable to homeowners since they allow for them to pay for actual result of products and services used for the project whereas lump sum can cause them to overpay depending on the accuracy of the estimate.

When it comes to pricing, Sleeping Dog Properties works with clients to find the most viable way for everyone involves. This includes customized project plans and contracts designed to address the concerns and needs of each homeowner or business owner before any work is done. By doing this, Chris Rapczynski and his team can keep things accurate and cost effective with clients while also being transparent about what add-ons could do to affect budgeting along the way. As a rule, all construction contracts should cover a timeline for work completion, the scope and description of the work to be done, and a detailed overview of exclusions, payment schedules, exclusions, and clean up details. 

Working with Sleeping Dog Properties on a second-story addition to a home is more than just hiring a contractor. It is creating a partnership with a team of experts who are dedicated to the project’s high quality and success as defined by the client. Homeowners are sure to be pleased with their approach to project management, integrated design-build approach, and dedication to customer satisfaction. 


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