Dr. Kumar B.G is an emerging name of success in travel photography

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Since the very beginning, life has been dictated to us step by step, so much so that the thought of deviating scares each and everyone of us.Very few dare to redefine it and one such personality is Dr. Kumar B.G. He has completed his MBBS, MD from Government Madras Medical College, Chennai. From the beginning, he believed in uplifting society by helping them in their times of need. During his college days, he has been an active part of the “save a child foundation” & raised over 1 lakh to help a child in distress.

Thanks to his father who handed him a camera when he was a child, he realized his passion for travel and photography and that was the day he started redefining what success meant to him. To date, he has been to many places all across the world, engaged with many people, and has explored multiple cultures. He feels financial success does play a crucial role, but what’s more important is how one can add value to this world.

On asking further about how he perceives successful life, he says, “ I believe once you start knowing your worth and being the reason for someone’s smile, you become successful”. Coming from a family of doctors, my will to help people by healing them is the reason why I pursued my medical career.” Adding to it, he also mentioned that, “ Traveling and photography started when I realized life is too short to remain bound to a certain location. There is so much to learn and traveling is the only way. I keep sharing my experiences via photographs and captions on my instagram handle  @thealphavoyager.” 

His success journey has taught us that it takes courage and wisdom to lead our life on our own terms. Society always has a predefined notion of everything, but it is up to us to break free. Dr. Kumar B.G’s journey of redefining success has been unique to say the least. Things may get challenging in the upcoming times, but it is safer to say that his experiential learning will make him an icon to watch out for .

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