DJ Annsh, a renowned artist from Indore, tells us how he made his remixes travel the country.

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When the music drops to your ear and reaches your soul while dancing in a club, do you not treasure the man behind the beats? If this man-made you get up a chair and shake a leg, then you might have danced to the beats of DJ Annsh, located in the city Indore, India. 

Dj Annsh, like most, had his own route to success. Being a renowned artist of Indore, DJ Annsh found his name as a DJ who knitted two contrasting worlds together. Fame doesn’t come to those who hide from incoming pitfalls, and DJ Annsh was not among those who chose defeat. Being an MBA in IT, he chose what suited his interest and dived into the world of Music without a morsel of hesitation. He worked as hard as any other artist in the industry would get to where he is now. His career, too, did not come without stumbling obstacles. He began by performing in clubs and lounges across the country until he met fame.

With the multitude of diversity in electronic music, Dj Annsh integrates the best and finest tunes into mixes that are memorable and unique to the occasion. Dj Annsh had always wanted to do something different in the music industry to help him stand out. He decided to produce his own remixes of Bollywood songs that he opted out from sharing on any platform but only where he performed exclusively. He mastered his skills over the course of time, and now that he plays any mix, it sounds more like fresh air.

DJ Annsh, aka, Ankur Shakya, sparked his career by playing at club parties, private parties and weddings until his excellent work took him miles. As time passed, he began receiving more opportunities until he didn’t have to look back. His godsend skills have made him receive invitations from other cities also like Bhopal, Jaipur, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Rewa. among others – where he’s now making the small city proud. 


With his enigmatic energy, DJ Annsh creates music that serves as a motivator for those who want to reclaim the energy that was stifled by the pandemic, benefitting something worthwhile from it. The beats of his song hushes your soul and help you feel the notes of the music.

 DJ Annsh, who has a flair for music, has established his worth with each song he releases, not only with his music but also when he gets up on stage to perform audio and visuals. His recent remixes encourage young people to accomplish something remarkable and step out of their comfort zones to climb new summits.

Through his hard work and dedication, DJ Annsh has captured the hearts of millions throughout the years. As a result, his Remixes have spawned many tunes over the last few years. He invested a lot of time and effort into Producing his own remixes. He has received immense admiration from the public for his unique, awe-inspiring way of presenting music. Hyperlink:


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