Debut book by a debut author making waves- ‘Love Never Fades’ by Kingsley Kurien

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Kingsley Kurien is a senior Human Resources professional and has been a guest speaker on various HR forums. In his career of more than a decade and a half, Kingsley was instrumental in setting up people and processes for various startup organization’s which has bloomed into large corporates. Has been instrumental in leading large HR teams across corporate, sites and plant. Kingsley is an MBA in Human Resources from Osmania University and is an Avid singer, Musician (Has a music channel of his own which goes with the name – Music Hill), Poet, Traveler and a foodie.

His debut book “Love Never Fades” hit the stands last year in 2020 December and since then has been hugely popular with young adults as it depicts a love story set in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Writing happened by accident for Kingsley wherein he started writing a few lines in April 2019 and the few lines became para’s and para’s to chapters and ultimately publishing the same as a book. The book is up for sale on all social media forums i.e. on Amazon globally and flipkart.

Love Never Fades is the story of Peter & Annie which is set in Kerala and how a story of love travelled through the metros and how things change with passing time. They had tasted love and gulped its bitter tears and every time found a way to be together each time distance ripped them apart but sometimes it takes more than Love to stay together.

Each time passing storms hit their relationship and they both were able to get through it. But being together is the most important thing for any relationship to last forever.

A journey of Peter & Annie’s love from the scratch and seeped with smiles, tears and a lesson in love worth remembering through this lifetime. Love has a lot to give but to keep it alive, it takes  a lot. Written with the ink of reality by Kingsley, this book has certainly hooked the readers till the end whosoever has got a chance to read it. On the demand of many readers, Kingsley plans to write “Love Never Fades”- Part 2 very soon and as they say the story doesn’t end here but which is only the beginning.


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