Daniece Wade Reveals How to Make It as an Actor in 2022

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Tenacity, preparation, patience, luck, and precise timing are all required for professional acting. As an aspiring actor, you must approach the job with professionalism, putting in the necessary practice and networking in order to obtain the desired role. Today, we’re meeting with Daniece Wade, a rising star and future media personality, to learn more about how to get into the business in 2022. Daniece Wade is an up-and-coming actress, motivational speaker, and sports athlete.

How sports transformed her life

Daniece was able to be a part of a team and develop her abilities in a number of areas by participating in sports. She was able to make friendships with her classmates, allowing her to spend time making new acquaintances, connecting over shared experiences, working hard together, and competing in a healthy way. Her self-esteem rose as a result of her athletic activity, and she was able to try out for other extracurricular activities. Daniece got the chance to perform in a number of pageants, musicals, and plays, which peaked her interest in pursuing a career in acting.

Working with ActorsJumpstart

For the last year, Daniece has worked at ActorsJumpstart. Within the first few months of working for the company, she was able to devise a plan that enabled her to organize and set realistic goals that helped her achieve her ultimate aim. Working with ActorsJumpstart gave her the chance to work with industry professionals and develop her own brand. Working with a group of people who value the time and effort she puts into her craft has already proven to be a great way for her to start her acting career.

Tips for new actors by Daniece

Every performer, according to Daniece, carves their own route to success. These nine crucial pointers will assist you in establishing yourself as an industry expert:

Make a schedule

Daniece feels that using the time between jobs and auditions to develop your skill set is the best way to make the most of it. Create a schedule that resembles a typical workday: Each day, get up at the same time and commit yourself to refining various aspects of your skill. Include vocal exercises, full-body training, and script reading in your everyday regimen. Maintaining a regular routine will improve your abilities and put you in the best possible position to ace your next audition.

Make connections with other professionals in the field

Working in large industry hotspots like Los Angeles or Rookie York City might be less scary for new performers if they develop friends with other actors. According to Daniece, networking within your peer group is really beneficial in the entertainment industry. You should also network with budding filmmakers who could be interested in casting you in their next film or stage play. When networking, seek for connections you could have with another professional who isn’t in the entertainment industry. In the networking process, cultivating a connection may have a significant influence on your personal and professional development.

Collaborate with your peers

When you’ve found a community of like-minded creatives in the entertainment sector, think about how you might cooperate for free or on a shoestring budget. You may put on a live theatrical production if your organization contains performers, screenwriters, and directors. If you have a friend with a camera and lighting equipment, Daniece suggests that you and your friends may make a short film or web series based in your flat. You may meet with your acting colleagues for character studies, table reads, and rehearsing in addition to creating new material. Your new pals have the potential to form a fully formed creative team.

Work along with others

Consider how you may collaborate for free or on a shoestring budget if you’ve met a group of like-minded creatives in the entertainment industry. If your company has actors, screenwriters, and directors, you might be able to put on a live theatrical performance. Daniece says you and your friends might develop a short film or web series centered in your flat if you have a pal with a camera and lighting equipment. In addition to generating fresh material, you may meet with your fellow actors for character studies, table reads, and rehearsing. It’s possible that your new acquaintances may become a fully formed creative group. It’s worth noting that agents and managers normally get a commission of at least 10% of your project’s gross revenues.

Be respectful of casting directors

Daniece goes on to note that casting directors are always on the lookout for fresh and seasoned performers to satisfy their customers’ casting needs. When sending headshots and resumes to casting directors, be kind and professional. As a general guideline, keep your professional connection professional to prevent giving the impression that you’re merely attempting to befriend them in order to get the job.

Take some classes

Acting is a skill that involves a lot of practice, re-evaluation, and fine-tuning. Between employment and auditions, taking group lessons or training with a personal acting coach may be a great way to polish your art. In New York and Los Angeles, there are several private acting schools catering to professional and aspiring performers. These classes can help you develop your talents while also introducing you to new people.

Practice in front of the camera

Many actors begin their careers in live theater, which requires a distinct set of skills than on-camera acting. When viewed via the lens of the camera, what appears to be a mild facial expression may appear to be over-the-top. Record your next rehearsal with your phone, then go through your on-camera acting work to see how your face and body language translate to the screen.

Be punctual

Arrive within fifteen minutes of the arranged meeting time, whether you’re going to an audition room, a rehearsal, a film set, a talent agent’s office, or the first day of drama school. Being on time demonstrates professionalism and demonstrates that you value the time of the other person. Lateness to a practice or audition might make you look unprofessional and frazzled, jeopardizing your ability to perform at your best.

Take good care of your emotional well-being.

Show business is a cutthroat business with a high rate of rejection. Because you may have to audition hundreds of times before getting a callback, it’s critical to boost your confidence so you can better accept rejection and negative feedback about your performance. Meditation, yoga, or mindfulness activities are excellent ways to help balance work-related stress. Consider seeking help from a mental health expert if you detect a significant change in your attitude, sleeping patterns, or eating habits.

What’s Next?

Daniece is currently focusing solely on her profession. She acknowledges that, as a rookie to the entertainment industry, she has a lot to learn. She has her own website,, where she showcases her abilities. Daniece goes by the handles daniecewade_3 and Daniece Wade on Instagram and Facebook.


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