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Short Story: Imagine | Believe | Achieve | Value

Meet the living idea swiped by the vision to achieve excellence before luck. Writer by passion who belongs to the trade of travel carries an imaginative sight to spotlight the unseen.

Swati Yadav was born in the heart of India, the capital city of Delhi. Grown up in a family of strong ethics & values, she imbibed all from her parents. Her empathetic nature & resilient attitude kept waving the trying times and paved new paths to get closer to her goals. She travelled to the variant landscapes, aired above the largest of oceans and highest of mountains in the air because of her love for travelling solo. Life circled her growth in the city of Gurgaon where she grew up learning and leaping the bounds to the glory of achievements.

Unlike other teenagers, she got magnetised by words. Later she studied different thinkers, amongst them most peculiar she liked was Maslow’s theory of needs. There was a psychological effect that today gleams in her realistic thoughts. She owns the art of making you feel and deal with the unsaid. Be it the image or the words she brings in a sense of contentment in her every write-up. Her writings have a purpose to highlight what one partially misses to see through the lens of life. Pandemic brought her to the public forum where she illustrates her mindful views across.

This cheerful enthusiast has been a chief editor for a prospering name ALPHA CREATORZ MAGAZINE who have brought in a conceptual platform to glorify the stories of those who had built a castle of dreams like no other but managed to sail through the life’s adventures with courage and zeal.

Her career graph showcases successful stints of 13+ years. She tried her hands in distinctive industries like Telecom, HR, Travel and Marketing Communications. Nevertheless, she still copes between her career and passion for writing admirably. Each posted testimonial speaks of her positive art of writing. She is all praised for her impeccable writings. From voicing unbiased opinions through her pen, she claims to curate a cordial culture of acting before giving reactions.

Swati has made her presence recognized by being highlighted through Daily Hunt magazine and got featured in the renowned name Global magazine La Vafara – EU | US | AU and TRUELIES Media. Talk about standing up with utmost courage, she was welcomed to walk the ramp for an uplifting Women Empowerment cause at WEAA fest 2020.

She carries a “believer mindset” as she thinks shelling out of our cocoons comes at a cost and one mustn’t become a hurdle in their ways. She thinks what holds one back is not their nervousness but the fear of acceptance. The morality and motivation you seek outside have a home inside you already. Get on your goals or get over, it’s as simple and as straightforward as she is from inside.

Come & get dipped in the fluid and unique thoughts scribbled by her on her Instagram page – Inkwhatyoydontspeak

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