Chris Robinson, aka SB Collector, shares a few tips for youngsters to attain success in their desired industries.

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“If people choose to work with a determined mind and soul, no obstacle can ever get big enough on their way to success,” says the prominent sneaker entrepreneur.

No matter how much ever we talk about people working incessantly each day, especially youngsters, to gain their desired momentum and success in life and putting in every possible effort to do that, it still feels much more discussions are needed around them. This is because these youngsters make others believe in their dreams and instill more hope, positivity and inspiration to help them take over their dreams and turn them into a reality. To reach a position where people would want to replicate your success is a position people around the world have been working hard for years. However, a few rare gems have reached the pinnacle of success in their endeavours and have become successful case studies for others. Chris Robinson’s success story has the potential to impact lives and motivate other youngsters to get into the sneaker industry and achieve similar success like him.

Life placed quite a few hurdles in front of him, but all that Chris Robinson says, “It was all worth it”. He believes that hard work gives the best results to people at the right time and during the course teaches them several lessons essential for them to learn to become more skilled and better professionals and individuals. His constant hunger to become a dominant force in the sneaker community encouraged him to open his sneaker store in 2011 and today is nearing to complete a decade in the industry successfully.

Below, Chris Robinson lays out a few tips for other budding influencers and entrepreneurs across fields to achieve their desired success.

• Know what your heart seeks: Chris Robinson recollects how as a kid, he understood that fashion and sneakers attracted him the most. He understood what his heart sought and hence, decided to be a part of the sneaker world from a very early age. He suggests others to do the same, listen to what their heart seeks and make decisions accordingly.

• Don’t pay heed to others’ opinions: There are a lot of people who suddenly emerge only at times when they want to give their non-required advice and opinions. People must not pay heed to their opinions and only focus on their goals and keep working hard to achieve success, suggests Chris Robinson did.

• Persistence is key: It is essential for people to work with tenacity and a strong resolve to get nearer their goals, no matter what. Hurdles are part and parcel of the process, says Chris Robinson, but persistently moving ahead and making it count is what helps people attain success.

Lastly, the sneakerhead who successfully owns and operates his sneaker store in NJ says and believes in the old adage, “Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.” To gain more information and updates, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @sbcollector.


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