Chris Chung: 25-year-old millennial entrepreneur scaling new heights in Fashion industry.

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Grabbing huge recognition, setting upstream benchmarks is a young fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and a brand strategist Chris Chung.

Fashion influencer, Digital Marketer, and an amid e-commerce expert, lets read about this amazingly talented, creative, efficient, and hardcore professional who has coined and founded his agency “Locate 852” at a very young age – CHRISTOPHER CHUNG. Being a successful Fashion Designer, he knows in and out of investment and using all the capital on expensive clothes. Chung advises- “Do your homework daily which means, one need to have proper knowledge spend time learning about everything in fashion and soak up anything you can. Even minor details of stitching and choice of fabric plays a very important role. He further added- don’t just think that an afternoon read on Hypebeast will make you an expert overnight.”

Since childhood, Chris was inclined towards starting his own business and being his own boss, little did he realized that he was on route of becoming one of the most sought and successful entrepreneur. He never favored doing the 9 to 5 job, he just wanted to explore in his business ventures and implement his creativity at its best. Being a fashion influencer, he got an opportunity to step into Digital Marketing, as he was always very passionate about marketing and advertising. Chung believes – “Content is the King, as he says fashion is all about aesthetics and so your Instagram content needs to portray the best of the best.” It’s plays vital role in the growth of business; one should be always creative and experiment in his content. As a result of these he grew an audience of 35k in a relatively short period of time.

As started to become a known personality and his success started to make the necessary noise in the Fashion industry, he started working with many famous brands. He is a well-known entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. He formed his own company “Locate 852” to help their clients to grow their business through effective Instagram profile which helped smaller companies to celebrities and many large groups. Chris opines that the power of Facebook and Instagram in really amazing as it reaches to wider and wider audiences and help creates a great brand recognition in itself. People now a days are totally glued to their devices and mostly on their social media apps which provides great opportunity for different firms and brands to register their product/service in the users’ head and market their product well. Advertising and marketing invariably become an integral and key aspect of brand promotion and strategic marketing management.

Chris has worked with many fashion/lifestyle brands like Apple Music, Boohoo, Boohooman, Cornerstone, Deliveroo, Dior Parfums, Forever 21, Nokia, Paul Smith, Proper Corn, Ralph Lauren, Specsavers ( Ted Baker, and Vitabiotics. His sheer work ethics, passion, love, and interest have spoken values of his credible work in the fashion industry. He has been the numero uno choice for many eminent celebrities and renowned figures to collaborate with.

For more information, do follow him on Instagram @chrisichung.


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