Celebration of Parshuram Jayanti with spiritual vibes.

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On May 3, on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, Bawdi Mod Hodal organized by BJP leader Akhilesh Kant Jha and Naga Sadhu Shri Pawandas Ji Maharaj of Bawdi temple was organized from Haryana, in which mainly Ramdas Ji Naga Sadhu and about 5000 number of saints performed grand religion.

The yatra was taken out, which included dancing by the Naga Sadhus of Patabazi, horses and camels, this journey was done in a circumambulation of about 10 km, in which the onlookers were engrossed. And the special thing is where there is an atmosphere of fear of stone-pelting in the religious program of Hindus, Akhilesh Kant Jha and Naga Sadhu Pawandas Ji Maharaj, with the help of the local people, took out a safe pilgrimage to the program of Lord Parshuram Jayanti on the day of Eid.


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