Brijesh Mevada, A Professional Artist making art that will blow your mind

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In this article we will read about the intriguing Story of a young artist from Gujarat, a small city named Sitana, Tahasil – Manavadar, District – Junagadh. Looking at the state of our present world we can conclude that digital technology has merged with art to an extent. It has brought about a change in how people make art and bring it forth to its audiences. Brijesh Mevada is one such digital artist who is known for his artwork and sketches all over India. And has reached a huge fan following over social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. This was all obviously self-made because he only had one thing to begin with and this was his talent.

Brijesh Mevada Expounds. “The beauty of art is that there is freedom, infinite freedom to create anything you want. When it comes to abstract art, there is so much going on that the average person can lose track of time and pattern, but the artist knows what is happening. Myriad of colours, lines, and shapes are not just thrown onto the canvas but are perfectly connected in the artist’s mind, invigorating skills and techniques to bring his imagination to reality.”

He was born with the passion to create exuberant art. His love for sketches was not a learned mechanism as he never had an opportunity to study a degree in fine arts. This was a found love and a hobby for Brijesh Mevada.

Brijesh Mevada was born in 1997, 15th of November. He is pretty young considering the fact that he started working just over a year ago in 2019 when he got his very own second hand phone all by himself. It was small yet good work to begin with. He never knew that one day he is going to achieve this great often appreciation from all over India. He says that his imagination slowly works its way through and he can develop art solely out of that rather than looking at things Sketching and  drawing them. This is a unique style of art because most artists usually need a base to begin it and slowly worked it up through it. To make something out of nothing is an impressive enough fact.

Creativity is the ability to create items that inspire and enlighten others in aesthetically pleasing ways. The creative work of an artist relates to his imaginative skills. An artist imagines what he desires, envisions, and at last. Creates unique and awesome artistic works that refresh the soul. The artist thoroughly enjoys what he does and finds it a welcome challenge.

Having creative skills, the artist focuses his awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and pouring out his feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations in his art to create a unique visual image. According to traditional artists, they believe that art is all about expressing oneself through art. Through their artistic skills, the painter or sculptor illustrates a visual definition of who they are and what they are feeling when they produce a great masterpiece.

Brijesh Mevada is also indulged in paid 7 commissioned works order Like Birthday gift, wedding, anniversary gift, proposal, engagement gift others

Till time he has completed over 700 Sketching projects with utmost beauty and Satisfaction

Connect with him to know more about his journey:


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