Bonsan International is not just another school. It is a new-age digitised platform for primary grade students with modern technology. A new approach for the parents of global learners who require digital learning for time flexibility or can not access traditional schooling for various other reasons. 

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In this new era, parents are more open towards the idea of their children not blindly following textbooks and being strict on school hours, but allowing them to pursue various other non-academic goals in life, which make their children feel content. 

Vidisha, a mom of 10-year-old Vihaan, wants to support his dream of playing soccer at the NFL. Vihaan goes to his practice at 5 am and 4 pm each day. A rigorous training session like this is not compatible with traditional 8-4 schooling. 

Rianna is interested in music and wants to go to the Julliard school of music, where the acceptance rate is just 7%. She understands that her count of practice hours can only push her towards her goal. Her parents want to support her and opted for a digital classroom which is only 3 hours a day, and she can choose a morning or evening batch. 

Guru’s father is a high-ranked officer in the Army and posted in remote locations where Guru can not access physical schooling the way other urban kids do. His choice of syllabus and course is not accessible either. Guru enrolled in digital school for continuity, flexibility and convenience. 

Dheer Mandhana’s job takes him all over the globe, and he’s had relationship issues because of that. His “never-available” tag has cast a shadow in his family life. His young daughter has changed schools and education boards, shifted geographies and experienced a doldrum in her personal life too because of losing friends very often. She is now into a shell, not wanting to make friends anymore. Her psychiatrist suggested that she needs standardisation and must know what to expect from life to be able to feel stability. The digital school offered her the same set of friends, a safe home environment, same teachers et al., for her to find solace.

At Bonsan International, the specific interest of a child is nurtured, in addition to the primary language, numeracy and science subjects. There are a wide variety of future-centric academic activities, ranging from 3D game development, ethical hacking, artificial intelligence, space science, music lessons to drama, poetry writing, and art classes. Bonsan has options that cater to every student’s interests. For the supercharged ones, olympiad, coding and robotics too. An eye to keep on the innovative competitions and guest lectures from world faculty! 

Bonsan International lets students learn at their own pace by using AI-based technology. There is no competition to catch up with another child in the classroom. With a 1:18 teacher-student ratio, students of different paces are made into small groups and given various class assignments. 

Interesting to note that Bonsan International does not discriminate because of the age factor. Students who are slow learners, as well as gifted kids, are placed in appropriate grades and batches to match their intellect. Though a 6-year-old child is supposed to be in Grade 1, there is no rush if the child is lagging behind, especially since the pandemic has hit learning adversely worldwide. Similarly, if a child is academically advanced, they are not restricted to a specific grade because of the age factor and instead are given the freedom to learn as much as their heart desires. 

Weekend workshops with great academicians and mentors, who have achieved high goals, are invited to conduct sessions for the willing few to attend and to understand life beyond just textbooks. A role model is created every weekend for the little ones; the knowledge to absorb, the freedom to feel. 

Live science workshops, life-skill workshops like fireless cooking mastery, imagination art, creative sessions on drama and many more interesting learning activities can be attended. 

Sessions with parents on solving day to day parenting issues and suitable parenting guide lessons are offered as well. 

Bonsan is a whole new experience for primary students and parents, a great relief to many those who patronise a lesson full of life beyond traditional monotony. Those who do not allow anyone to tag themselves in the society; and those who have understood the real meaning of “living a life” and wish to pass on the essence to their children. 

Let’s check out whether our vision matches.


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