Body Language Expert Explains Narendra Modi’s Charismatic Nonverbals.

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi uses a wide range of nonverbal warmth and likeability cues, demonstrating the traits of a charismatic international leader claims Satyashil Youraj, a body language specialist and Assistant Professor of Communication Skills. He goes on to define charisma as “a perfect fit between what you say and how you appear and sound while delivering it,” citing Modi as a perfect example.

Modi’s body language is commanding and aspirational. He wants to be in charge of his own territory. His demeanour is a mix of the old bully & his present dominant position in Indian politics. He laughs a lot, yet his chuckles seem threatening. His face is worn, yet it is the exhaustion of responsibility that he displays. He plays the ‘peoples servant’ role when his body is exhausted, and he is the political supremo when he is combative. He appears to be in command, if not quite Bismarck-like, yet near to it. He has the restlessness of a rising star.

Modi’s body language reveals an outspoken personality that exudes confidence and power. Modi’s posture and expressive use of his hands convey the sense that he is in command. He has successfully captured the attention of the crowds by using his commanding character and confidence through effective verbal and non-verbal language. The V-sign, his hand on his forehead, the clenched fist, and other signature gestures are all signals of being forceful, strong-willed, and determined. Modi has a sombre demeanour most of the time when it comes to facial expressions.

Modi’s initial speeches resembled those of a local politician, especially after 2002. After 2014 Modi’s remarks have become more purposeful. They are on the lookout for prey. The audiences must be enticed. Modi is a master of the octaves. He enjoys a good story and a good joke, especially when it is directed at someone else. With the audience, he can be conspiratorial. Gentleness is a betrayal in Modi’s eyes. Modi’s speeches are staged with a drama that portrays him as someone who can naturally and effortlessly pull the arc-lights on himself. Modi has engaged his listeners with outstanding oratory abilities and rustic humour. His voice is commanding and seizes the listener’s attention. He appears to have a natural gift for oratory, and his ability as an orator frequently covers the generic content of his speech.

Modi’s style is diverse and he has a sense of style. His attire are brighter, implying confidence and comfort in a range of situations. He has the perfect outfit for every occasion. He exudes confidence and style through his looks. One gets the impression that he is feverishly attempting to reassemble himself.

Modi’s distinctive beard and half-sleeve kurta are all the rage. A concerted attempt is being made to create a look that appeals to everyone. The costume itself is a mix of modernism and heritage to create that link. Modi is at ease in both kurta and pyjamas, as well as Western clothing. He has worn his outfits excellently and appears extremely comfortable even during his trips abroad and engagements with various global CEOs who have met with him in Gujarat for business and investment discussions.

Satyashil Youraj, a communication and boby language expert who has conducted extensive research on Indian & foreign leaders’ communication patterns, has stated that Modi is exceedingly cautious about every move he makes, every dress he wears, every gesture he makes, and every expression he displays throughout his entire social appearances, which clearly distinguishes him as a leader with charismatic nonverbal.

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