Balancing Client Interests and Children’s Well-being: Holly J. Moore’s Approach to Divorce

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They say divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. However, when this already formidable storm of emotions and distress gets intensified by the presence of children, divorce becomes more than just a splitting of assets or a dividing of lives.

At that moment, divorce becomes a delicate, often agonizing, balancing act of futures where small hands are tied but still entwined in the grown-up game of legal chess. And for a family law attorney, Holly J. Moore, few scenarios are as heart-wrenchingly complex as custody battles.

“When divorcing, people sometimes tend to focus too much on getting rid of their soon-to-be-ex-spouse and get as many assets as possible that they forget the divorce isn’t just about them,” she says. “It’s about the kids too.”

Moore, who has been practicing family law for nearly two decades and leads the highly successful Moore Family Law Group, has seen firsthand the impact of a heated and confrontational divorce on all parties involved. That’s why her approach is tailored to ensure her clients’ interests are vigorously represented while also remaining mindful of the broader family dynamics, especially when children are involved.

Moore emphasizes the importance of a client-centered approach in her practice, ensuring that her client’s needs and objectives are the primary focus of every legal strategy she develops. 

She understands that the well-being and best interests of children are significant considerations in any divorce but emphasizes that they often naturally align with the goals of her clients. Thus, she advocates for collaborative approaches that include facilitating amicable co-parenting arrangements that respect the needs of the entire family unit.

“Open communication, respect, and empathy are crucial components of a successful divorce,” says Moore. “We encourage our clients to focus on creating a positive and supportive co-parenting relationship rather than getting caught up in fighting over assets or using their children as pawns.”

Furthermore, she explains that this approach not only diminishes the negative impact divorce can have on children but also turns it into a valuable life lesson. Instead of creating an unhealthy environment where resentment and anger fester like wounds, children can learn how to properly respond in situations when life isn’t going as planned.

“Everyone sees divorce as the grimmest and darkest moment of their lives, but it shouldn’t be that way,” says Holly J more. “You are just starting a new chapter of your life. In this chapter, you get to teach your kids how to respond with grace, resilience, compassion, and rational thinking, especially when you feel defeated, sad, mad, scared, anxious, and every other emotion you can think of.”

Holly J Moore’s approach is unique and refreshing. She understands that the traditional adversarial approach to divorce often leaves children caught in the middle, feeling unheard and powerless.

Although Moore believes that the interests of her own client always come first, she also understands that in many cases, the interests of her client include doing what is best for the children and creating an environment where the parties will be able to co-parent effectively in the future. 

Above all, she is a shining example of how family law attorneys can make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of their clients and their children.


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