Auspicious Launch of Geeta Krishna ki Sidhdhant Karm ka – Meenakshi Jain

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Save Date 28th of August for Book launch of Masterpiece by Meenakshi Jain by the graceful presence of no one other but Nitish Bharadwaj himself..!

Yes, Stay tuned everyone!!

The author of the book is Minakshi Jain, she is an emerging writer. She was born on 2nd of February in 1969 in block Jansath, district Mujaffarnagar, of Uttar Pradesh, India. She has been an exceptional student from her childhood onwards, she took her early education from CBSE board, and she has achieved her M.A. ( master of arts ) from prestigious Delhi University. She has been a fond of reading from her childhood onwards, when she was young as a kid she would chant and sing small poetries, also she was born and brought up in a religious environment and she has always witnessed such things in her family from a very early age, her interest in these things grew deeper and eventually she adopted a philanthropic attitude, and this has brought her even closer ton almighty. Her love for Krishna has always provoked her to read SHRIMADBHAGWAT GEETA, but due to it’s tough language she had to read it again and again in order to understand it correctly, and this became a reason for her motivation to translate SHREEMADBHAGWAT GEETA in a simpler form, so that people could read it and implement it’s teachings in their daily life with ease.

With her true dedication and hard work, finally the time has come, when she is about to gift a great book to all those out there who wants to read Geeta, but dare not because of the tough language.

Her book will be launched on …… at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, where Nitish Bharadwaj (acted as Krishna in TV serial MAHABHARAT) himself would be there!

It’s a highly recommended book for every age group which, will give you all a wide and whole new attitude towards life, this book will be soon available for all the readers on different online shopping platforms, from where you can buy it, and implement its teachings in your daily life .

In this book which is titled as “GEETA KRISHNA KI ,SIDDHANT KARMA KA” the author has tried to put the simpler explanations for the convenience of readers, and for those who has an average knowledge for understanding literature with complex definitions.

Bhagwat Geeta is considered to be the most important epic for Hindus, it is believed to contain answers for almost all the daily human problems, including all minor to major ones.  Lord Krishna has spoken every single line of it by himself, while showing the right path to Arjuna, when it was so hard for him to choose what to and what not to do.

In our daily life, sometimes we get surrounded with some problems that we think are really hard to discuss with family and friends, at that point of time we feel quite low, sad, and sometimes even depressed . As we all know that nothing comes for free! it’s not always about paying prices in the form of money, but we should put some effort from our side to get ourselves out from any sort of dilemma, and that is when Geeta is there for you, if you will read it nicely, you will get a solution to your problem, though originally it’s not so simply written so that everyone can read it, it’s ancient form comes in the Sanskrit language that most of new generations can’t afford to read it, so mostly we look for a simpler translation in our preferred language, even after the translations, it’s yet difficult for many of us to grasp the real connotation of such a high level philosophy directly coming from almighty himself! .


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