Architect Sourav Mitra sets the world record for the Maximum number of detailed human anatomy sketches in a single book- ‘Dehakriti’

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Sourav Mitra, an Indian artist and writer best known for books such as “Tends to Phoenix,” “Dehakriti,” “Lumos,” “Nagar,” and others, was born and raised in Siliguri, West Bengal, and has entered the International Book of Records for the most detailed human anatomy sketches in a single book, “Dehakriti.” Sourav is a professional architect who has received widespread acclaim for his extraordinary ability to create beautiful diversity in his painting.

The international book of world records is home to some of the greatest achievements ever and 30-year-old Sourav, an architect by profession has reached greater heights with an eye for colour, form, texture, space, and different ways of perceiving reality and created a world record for the same. Sourav’s design process is extremely personal and nuanced with an introspective exploration of the client’s mission and passion. Besides that, Sourav Mitra is known for his research work in the Architectural field. Many of his research papers have been published in international journals. He has been honoured with many prestige’s awards during his career as an artist and researcher.

Sourav began his career as a professional painter, illustrating numerous periodicals and other publications. He used oil, acrylic, and charcoal to paint figures and landscapes. He was also a member of the Shaderlight artists’ collective. Throughout his career, Mitra has participated in a number of exhibitions throughout India. Sourav is also an architect who has worked on a number of high-profile projects. He also offered seismic disaster mitigation in Siliguri as an architectural researcher, which was well received by several agencies. Sourav’s continual innovation is warmly accepted and recognised as what sets him apart from the competition.

Claim to Fame – Sourav Mitra

  • He won the gold medal in the Vaswar painting competition in the year 2010.
  • He was honoured with Kalashree Puruskar in 2014.
  • Sourav is the record holder in the International Book of Records for the Maximum number of detailed human anatomy sketches in a single book- ‘Dehakriti’.
  • He received the best painting award in Nadikhet Pidilight Exhibition.
  • He is a Gold Star Book of Record Holder for ‘Maximum Number of Watercolour paintings of Birds in the Book ‘Tends to Phoenix’.
  • Sourav won the Best researcher award for Disaster Mitigation Engineering research from SRBI.
  • He won the young researcher award 2022 from the Institute of Scholars (InSc) for the research paper ‘Architectural Analysis of Mud housing and Adobe Housing: Case of Bengal.

Being a professional architect is not a simple undertaking; it takes a lot of effort, hard work, and desire to get there, as Sourav Mitra can attest. “Being an architect and an artist is thrilling,” he continues, “and every new project allows me to learn a lot.” Setting a world record, on the other hand, has never been on my bucket list, but I never stop thinking outside the box and leave no stone unturned in delivering bold breakthroughs and fresh ideas that will fundamentally disrupt the most common concepts.” “Going over your own possibilities will not only get you nowhere, but it will almost certainly close the deal on your career,” as the saying goes. As a professional artist and architect, Sourav Mitra is well aware of his capabilities and limitations. As an artist, he relies on his communication skills to make things happen as he collaborates with many businesses. Being grounded in such an atmosphere allows him to ensure that everyone is on the same page, which is critical for successful project delivery.


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