Ankush Ingle aka Dj odin talks about the milestones on his journey from being a music lover to the life of Bollywood parties.

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Ankush Ingle’s inspirational journey to success is not a small deal. He dared to dream and then worked hard to fulfill his dream. He turned his creative pursuits into a professional career. Most creative folks keep wondering about the right way to earn a living and Ankush also faced similar confusion in the beginning. He says that it is of paramount importance to stick to your goal despite what anyone else says and the challenges on your journey. He talks about the time when he was confused if music is the right choice of career for him. According to Ankush, he achieved success only because he was adamant to not quit. ‘I didn’t know if the decision was right, but it made me happy,” says Ankush. Today he is popularly known as DJ ODIN and has added life to many celebrity parties and events.
Ankush also remembers the time when people made negative remarks like there is no money in music and he must follow a serious career. He says that it is unfair to address creative pursuits as not so serious professions and such remarks motivated him to prove them wrong.
Ankush’s passion for music dates back to his childhood when he tried to play music on surfaces like plates, and tables. He also lost himself in the melodies of chirping birds and rustling leaves. Then Ankush wasn’t clear if he wanted to pursue music as a profession. Later, during his engineering, Ankush decided to make it a career. He dropped out of engineering college in 2015. He says that when you are in that moment, it may seem like an impulsive and stupid decision but when you work hard and make it happen, it all makes sense.
DJ ODIN also says that self-doubt was the most difficult to stay clear of. Most creative people face a time when their friends move faster in their careers and they don’t even know if they are on the right path. Ankush says that believing in yourself can make all the difference. His move from Amravati to Mumbai was a major milestone in his life and he describes it as a bittersweet beginning. He was excited but nervous. However, Ankush was determined to make it work and his popularity is proof that he did.
Today Ankush is amazing the world with his performance. He has evolved to be a popular name in South Asia’s music scene. He keeps experimenting with his style and continues to learn. He learned the art of DJing from the best DJ in India, DJ Cyrus, and has been on a journey of finetuning his craft ever since. He performs regularly at clubs in Mumbai. These include Bombay cocktail bar, Bombay Adda, Mansion at Sahara star, Rodeo Drive, Mitron, Lord of the drinks Mumbai, Dragonfly experience Mumbai, Barrel and co., Club Illusions, XOYO Thane, The Secret Thane, Tryst, and Amethyst.
Bollywood parties are now incomplete if Ankush is not the DJ and his calendar is often full. Some celebrities who have loved DJ ODIN’s performance at their parties include Jackie Shroff, Sooraj Pancholi, Dino Morea, Ankita Lokhande, Shalmali Kholgade, etc.
Ankush hopes that more people follow their dreams and grow in careers that they enjoy.


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