An Ultimate Reiki Guide by Angels Among Us Reiki & Two Peacocks

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Alternative medicine has found quite an active audience. These alternative healers offer a unique way for people to get in touch with their inner selves and heal holistically. However, most alternative healing therapies focus on a single particular style of healing. It’s uncommon to find an alternative health retreat that caters to the individual, especially as more of them attempt to scale up. Angels Among Us Reiki (@angelsamongusreiki) is unique in this sense, since it approaches several different methods of alternative care, adapting to each individual.

Types of Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments can be broken down into five broad categories, but it would be a fallacy to class them all under the same broad umbrella. Each of them deals with particular maladies, and their usefulness varies based on the user’s mental and spiritual state and how advanced the problem they’re dealing with is. The categories are as follows:

  1. Complete Holistic Practices

These are systems that promote a different understanding of diseases in general and how to deal with them. They usually stem from older civilizations and adapt some of their teachings for use in the modern world. There has been some controversy about the encroachment of these practices on modern medicine, but individuals are free to research and choose what they think is appropriate for them. Two Peacocks (@twopeacockss), run by philanthropist William McGirr (@william_mcgirr),is a perfect example of complete holistic practices, as his #FreeYourPeacock hashtag demonstrates. 

2.  Mind and Body Medicine

The brain is a powerful organ, but the study of it treating illness seems like a lot of pseudosciences. Still, there’s no question that some patients get inexplicably better just through their mental exertions. Mind and body medicine relates to therapies such as meditation, biofeedback, yoga, and massage. Angels Among Us Reiki offers all of these services as part of their dedication to patient wellness.

3. Biological/Body Process Therapies

These therapies are based on attempting to change how the body works. Fundamentally, these processes understand how things like diet can influence the body’s ability to heal and stay healthy. Through careful manipulation, they increase the body’s ability to fend off disease and get better. The alternative diet and supplements industries fall into this broad category.

4. Manipulative Body-Based Practices

Among the alternative techniques, this one seems to get the most press and has the most detractors because it outwardly manipulates the human body. Accepted treatment regimes such as chiropractic medicine and therapeutic massage fall into this category alongside less socially accepted methods such as cupping and reflexology. Angels Among Us Reiki gives their visitors ample areas to walk and meditate, allowing them to explore this healing method.

5. Energy-Based Methods

These healing techniques focus on helping patients connect to their spiritual cores. They utilize external energy sources in some cases, such as electromagnetic therapy, or internal energy, such as reiki or therapeutic touch, to ground the patient and have them heal naturally. Angels Among Us Reiki focuses on this path to healing and helps its visitors find their middle ground there.

The Role of Alternative Healing in Modern Medicine

Modern medical professionals have outright dismissed alternative healing methods across the board, but even so, several researchers have delved into the topic. They’ve found that several alternative healing techniques are, indeed, proving useful. Science has accepted that it can’t explain well enough how the mind works, and it’s in this mysterious organ that the core of alternative healing comes from. The combination of body and mind, together with a professional practitioner, is enough to allow most people to overcome their illnesses. This principle guides Angels Among Us Reiki with each of their clients.

Though Angels Among Us Reiki and Two Peacocks may take different approaches to what they do, the end result is always the same. To help people heal and grow.


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