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Sanjay Ahuja coined Cionlabs Private Limited that Provide complete product engineering services to MSME and assist customers with consulting services, product design, and development to improve their digital experience, revenue, and operational excellence. Without a doubt, full-stack product engineering has emerged as a new trend in which today’s sophisticated web applications cannot function without front-end, back-end services, and design. Cionlabs Private Limited is the best in the industry, having developed the capability to develop comprehensive solutions to address industry challenges, create value, improve profitability, and ensure customer sustainability.

In a candid conversation with Sanjay Ahuja, founder of Cionlabs Private Limited.

  1. Please enlighten about your background and your journey as an entrepreneur.

Sanjay – Being a professional engineer with extensive experience in the corporate sector, I held several leadership positions, all of which enriched my experience and aided in my development as a trustworthy leader. It also helped me improve my skills and learn more about the subject. Aside from that, I am a technical specialist, a public speaker, and a life coach. With a master’s degree in electronics from Kurukshetra University, a master’s degree in software systems from BITS Pilani, an Executive MBA from IMI Delhi, and currently pursuing a doctorate from Amity University, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I’m a technology enthusiast who gets excited about new technological advancements. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating my solutions to complex IT problems.

  • What prompted you to give up the mundane life of 9 to5 towards becoming your own boss?

Sanjay – Everything starts with a thought, a dream, or a vision. I always envision myself in a situation where I can pursue my professional goals while also finding personal fulfilment in my work. When I began my career 25 years ago, inspired by the innovation and passion of the start-up company, I had a dream to do something for the community one day. To pursue my interests, I decided to take retirement from my 9 to 5 job. In my opinion, retirement is when you can enjoy your life while pursuing your passions. As an entrepreneur, I have an endless playground of opportunities and a free space to work and bring my ideas to life, which appears difficult in corporate employment.

  • How is Cionlabs Private Limited different from other companies?

Sanjay – Cionlabs is a one-stop shop for all your information technology (IT) Life Cycle requirements. Among Cionlabs’ offerings are consulting services, end-to-end product engineering, Be-Spoke software development, and resource management. We can create comprehensive end-to-end solutions to industry challenges, adding value to our clients’ businesses while increasing profitability and ensuring long-term viability. We provide extensive industry knowledge, a skilled team, and innovative solutions in the areas of innovative embedded products, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, automation, mobility, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision, and additive manufacturing. Being in the corporate world for over two decades helped us understand the domain and the business values for the clients. Our experienced development team is dedicated to providing our clients with the most effective and high-quality software solutions to their business problems.

  • What kind of problem are you attempting to solve with the services of Cionlabs?

Sanjay – Inspired by the Make in India program, we concentrate our efforts on the domestic market for MSMEs, providing inexpensive solutions using new technologies in the manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and telecommunications industries.

List of Products which is already in the market:

– Manufacturing/Material Resource Planning

– E-commerce Multivendor Platform

– Inventory Management System

– Biometric Authentication System


– Point of Sales (POS)

5. Describe your most significant achievement as an entrepreneur.

Sanjay – In the midst of the excitement of launching a new business, it’s easy to lose sight of reality. However, you must also ensure that nothing is overlooked and handled correctly. Things will never go exactly as planned, whether you’re building a product or fulfilling a promise. And that’s perfectly fine! It’s just part of the job when you’re an entrepreneur. In my opinion, the most notable accomplishment has been the introduction of various SaaS products in only a few months after combining our company’s operations.

6 Wondered how you were able to keep your prices so low.

Sanjay – We understand how to reduce operational costs in order to provide cost-effective SaaS solutions to MSMEs while maintaining high-performance standards. Our target clients are medium, small, and micro-sized businesses that may or may not already have enterprise systems in place. To make our solutions affordable to MSMEs, we built our enterprise solutions with that sector in mind, creating simplified solutions that are equivalent to COTS products on the market.Visit to learn more –


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