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Adam Thomas Moryto on the Alchemy of Music

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There is an element in this world that combines notes, rhythm, and tempo to create melodic sounds that are nothing less than audible gold. This element is called music, and it has been a part of humanity since the dawn of time. According to Adam Thomas Moryto, music is nothing less than magic.

The first known instrument is a prehistoric flute carved out of bone. The question is: how did the early human being know how to create a musical instrument? Music is encoded in us, a wonder in itself. The next question is: how did that individual know how to play this simple instrument and how did he teach others? These questions are fascinating indeed and further amplify the magic and mystique that is music.

Arts progressed with the rest of civilization and music became an integral part of the human condition. The ancient world had drums, flutes, and string instruments, which were followed by advancements such as the piano and brass instruments. With the invention of electricity, someone had the idea of creating a new type of guitar that would create a sound that had not been heard before. Some people call this innovation, but Adam Thomas Moryto feels it is nothing less than modern magic.

There are few other things that serve as a universal language the way music does. It can bring total strangers together and unite people from all walks of life, even if no one speaks each other’s language. With music, you simply have to listen and feel. Another magical capability of music is that it can summarize the entire gambit of human experience. What else can capture joy, sadness, loss, regret, and rage in a mix of notes and lyrics?

If music is magic, then the artists are sorcerers, according to Adam Thomas Moryto. For example, Mozart was just 14 when he composed his first successful opera and Beethoven was deaf, and yet wrote some of the most prolific music pieces in history. Adam Thomas Moryto does not question the how, he simply enjoys the results. Quite simply, music is a type of magic.

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