Actor and Entrepreneur Mithun Purandare’s fashion brand ALIAUM scaling new heights with its top-notch organic fabric

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Fashion has always been about staying ahead of the curve and never falling behind, and with the daily rush of responsibilities, it’s easy to become bored with the outfits you wear. This necessitates a sense of ease and comfort, which translates to basic, comfortable, yet stylish clothing that effortlessly stays up with the trends and seems respectable. ALIAUM is a fashion brand that has been developed to provide you with the comfort you need on long days, thanks to its updated approach to fashion and elegance. ALIAUM expresses all the languages of creativity and holds a voice for every emotion and therefore an outfit for every mood, from brilliant colors to soothing tones and modern to contemporary styles.

ALIAUM is a Goa-based brand that uses only the highest-quality fabrics, including organic cotton. Every Sunday, Mithun displays his brand at the Westin Hotel in Anjuna in Goa. Vikram Phadnis liked the collection and decided to present it in his new store in Adhvan Goa, thus he launched his gold line collection there as well. This fruitful creative collaboration has sparked a lot of interest, demonstrating the potential to deliver a collection in a unique and innovative way.

Mithun has had a terrific response from core customers such as Shivangi Kapoor and many top businesses people as the fashion brand ALIAUM picks up steam, and long may it continue. As consumers enter the ALIAUM store in Goa, the gorgeous clothing and unique brand positioning remain perfectly represented. Because the primary objective of ALIAUM’s invention is to make the person look confident, cheerful, and glowing, it invariably makes any man or woman feel attractive and classic. Aside from overcoming a variety of fashion problems, ALIAUM’s intrinsic wow factor is in gently accentuating what’s already there with the lovely fabric, and that kind of subtle sexiness never goes out of style, making the outfit soar.

While the world continues to be wracked by the coronavirus pandemic, businesses all over the world are finding new ways to stay connected, boosting the popularity of collaboration technologies and their long-term advantages. Indeed, staying relevant to target customers and engaging with them through culture and consumer requirements is critical to any brand’s success. ALIAUM is a good spot to start looking for unique, intriguing pieces that aren’t your normal fare from a new take on shirting. Since its inception, ALIAUM has leveraged the handcrafted fabric’s high fashion status by becoming a hidden gem that every consumer has been keeping an eye on.

The actor and founder of ALIAUM Mithun Purandare say “The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses around the world and continues to teach us valuable lessons about our industry, one of which is the value of teamwork. During the coronavirus pandemic, I believe collaborative business grows and becomes more sophisticated. The ongoing crisis will have a dramatic and long-term impact on our lives as well as how we approach and conduct our work. We’ve all learned that in the face of changing business conditions if we don’t stick together, we’ll break apart.”

Mithun Purandare is also an actor, model, and fitness enthusiast. Currently, he is working for The RGV film – Dangerous and a web series soon going to be released in 2022 itself. Besides he is also working on his own film as an actor and producer. The year 2022 looks exciting for Mithun. He is associated with some projects in various stages but prefers to maintain confidentiality as of now. He adds for him, creativity is always above everything. So, he looks forward to being a part of many interesting tales. Nevertheless, he is a real multi-tasker and extremely focused.

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