Abhishek Goswami – GodX Media’s founder, whose vision and determination propelled him to the peak of success.

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It goes without saying, that all you need is hard work, dedication, patience, and desire to become a great entrepreneur. It’s sometimes difficult to believe that established businesses have ever struggled. Read about Abhishek Goswami, who began with no fame or riches and worked his way to the top from the ground up with his venture GodX Media Pvt Ltd, and gain inspiration for your own journey to success. His story is inspiring in its own way and despite the odds, he was able to build success as a professional Digital marketer.

Some entrepreneurs have become successful after changing their careers and Abhishek Goswami is one of them who had incepted GodX Media after mastering one area of work in the textile sector and went on to build his own enterprise in Digital marketing. Needless to say, you need experience and expertise to manage a successful company together with motivation and hard work to start along with financial support. Throughout his journey, his business partner Divya Raj who is the Director of GodX Media had been his pillar of strength and helped him with great support that had set him going to create the notable success story he is today.

After graduating in B. Com Abhishek began his career as an entrepreneur in the textiles industry in the year 2018. As a matter of fact, the Indian textiles sector has been one of the worst-hit sectors due to the covid 19 crisis, and unfortunately, Abhishek’s business in the name of Abhishek Textile was shut down eventually in the year 2021. However, a few months before Abhishek had embarked on his new journey of Digital Marketing thus forming a company in the name of GodX Media Pvt Ltd.

Abhishek had invested in himself before investing in anything else after the shutdown of his textile venture. His focus on improving his skills, education, and experience helped him not only form his company GodX Media Pvt Ltd but sustain too. However, the path towards his success has never been smooth and straightforward but his future-focused strategies always won out over present-focused ones. With a humble beginning of getting zero clients in a day initially to earning a profit of three lakh in a month, it has been hence proved that as long as you are willing to work hard, commit to your ideas and take the necessary risks to see those ideas become a reality nothing can dissuade you from following your dreams.

From a solopreneur to a member of 5 the team at GodX Media had expanded under the leadership of Abhishek Goswami acquiring a huge client base globally from different Industries that include real estate, e-commerce, beauty, cosmetics, and many others. Abhishek, as a role model, overcame numerous challenges to grow GodX Media from a home office to a well-organized office in Noida. He had toiled and burned the midnight oil to overcome various adversities and build a bright future not just for himself but for his clients and his team.

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