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with a mission to provide children from low-income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. Aashray works in the field of education, initiating school reform through The School Project, and providing supplemental education through its activity classes in PAN India.

A commitment is made to support each child by providing a strong educational foundation, good time, self-esteem and values, and to help them plan how they can earn a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standard of living. Education is central to development and to the improvement of the lives of young people globally, and as such has been identified as a priority area in internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals and the World Programme of Action for Youth.


Its vision is to help people, feed them and provide them with the basic amenities. Aashray has also been working rigorously to break the social taboos associated with menstruation, body shaming, skin colour, etc. It has also come up with projects to combat mental health and to save the animals who are often abandoned by their owners or stay on streets in terrible conditions.

About the NGO

Aashray is an Organisation for developing Education in the country and is a voluntary non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act. It is our aim to promote social inclusion and democratic governance so that the vulnerable sections of society are empowered to effectively and decisively participate in mainstream development and decision making processes.

Strategy of Aashray is an issue based, strategic educational support organization working in the tri city, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad with people’s collectives, NGOs. Collaborative research, public education, advocacy, direct field level mobilisation and implementation with multiple volunteers are the key instruments of our work. The interventions span from the grassroots level to the policy level environment in ensuring the basic rights of citizens. In this, inspiration is drawn from the struggles of the vulnerable and strength from our partners.

Aashray wants to develop and implement institutional solutions to provide low cost but assured high quality basic education to children from poor urban and rural families, which do not deteriorate on large scale replication. Contribute to changes in policy and programs that institutionalize accountability to deliver quality education to target group children, at a socially affordable cost.

List of Achievements

The pandemic has changed the lives of many. The deprived class has suffered a lot. It even can’t afford the basic meals of a day because of loss of daily wage work in the lockdown. The street vendors, masons, daily wage workers, labourers, etc. are now confined to their homes and longing for a better life. Keeping this situation in mind, Aashray NGO has been conducting regular food drives since last year keeping in mind the norms of social distancing. The aim is to distribute food in the slum areas and bring a smile on at least one face. Till date, it has conducted food and ration drives in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali, Karnal, Bangalore.


Aashray has created a volunteer program. We Involve and take students to community garden, fun events, talent shows, outings etc so that the students get involved in community activities, such as  theatre, sports, community organizations, and dance etc. Giving students a looking glass into a future outside of poverty may be just enough to inspire them to achieve their heart’s desire.

Can providing our students with enriching experiences change the way they experience school and help them create a vision of life outside of poverty?  At aashray we think it is absolutely possible, all we need to do is educate poor children.

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COVID-19 Initiatives

  • Free Food for Covid+ Patients
  • Free one day meal for slum areas
  • Ration kits for slum and poor people
(Founder- Aman Ahuja)

Founder Name

Aman Ahuja


SCF 1493, Phase 10, Mohali

(Managing Director- Shane Warne Bakshi)

Managing Director

Shane Warne Bakshi

+91 9815151895

SCF 1493, Phase 10, Mohali



Aashray NGO is led by Mr. Shane Bakshi who is a student and a businessman. Since childhood, he wanted to work for a social cause. He joined the NGO in 2015 and the rest is history.

According to Mr. Bakshi, “Helping others is our duty. Some are blessed with a lot and some are not. It is our responsibility to serve the ones who are in need. If we can’t be an ocean of change, we should try to be a drop of change in an entire ocean. Even this can do wonders.”

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