AALA Fabrics Boosting the Indian Fashion Scene

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AALA is a heritage fabric brand from India founded in 1957 in Mumbai.

We all know that physical businesses are still popular despite their decline. On the other hand, e-commerce is witnessing growth day by day, little by little. Each has its own potential advantages and disadvantages. But, from a customer perspective, why is it that we dread when we shop online? We don’t have that kind of fear when buying something from a traditional, vintage-looking, brick-and-mortar store.

Most likely the only thing that matters is a matter of “trust”. Buying from a physical store gives us the belief that we get what we see. On the other hand, we have no guarantee that we will get exactly what was promised when buying online.

Idealism, or more sophisticatedly, romanticism, is not only a philosophy but a style of living for some people. I have never met such an idealistic and perfectionist person as Zeeshan Zafiri, a working, brash and honest boss who is the CEO of AALA Fabrics, a popular fabric brand. Being a perfectionist, he is very fanatical about the brand’s website,, which has been the focus of his attention ever since his website was launched in 2011.

AALA is a heritage fabric brand from India established in 1957. In the heart of Mumbai, it started as a brick-and-mortar clothing store and quickly expanded its business. The brand established its online presence at the beginning of the third millennium and spread overseas in a short time. Throughout its journey from a physical store to an online store backed by a physical store, it has stuck to its core values.

From designer fabrics to pure cotton fabrics, the brand has always been inclusive in its services, aimed at catering to the needs of the common man as well as having fashion brands and clothing stores abroad. In addition, AALA has been a leading brand in helping local and ethnic clothing expand its reach across the globe. Moreover, it has always preferred to bring ethnic clothes directly from the artisans and has avoided retailers, so that the money goes directly into the hands of the artisans. In doing so, it has become deeply rooted in the hearts of craftsmen as well as those who have a refined taste in clothing, and for those who are very picky about their clothes and wish they could Get personalized for them.Follow @aala on Instagram for daily New Arrivals, Offers and Discounts.

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