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What’s better than nature providing you with lively vibes through shiny eyes and a smiling mouth? 

How often have you seen a bird smile? Not really. It seems unreal. Right? 

But this beautiful picture of the giant bird that is full of life is surprisingly accurate. 

An awe-inspiring photograph was taken by Jay Vardhan Sharan of an Ostrich posing naturally with a broad smile in its generous self while winking the right eye while staying in the woods. 

We are adding to the beauty of the eyes with naturally woven eyebrows and lashes complimenting the glittery eyes of the Ostrich, reflecting the beauty of nature through it.

The smile grabbing the immediate attention of the whole picture, air running through the body hair stranded upwards, nostrils are being highlighted, and beak wide open with some mud on it illustrates how perfectly Jay took this shot. 

Let’s know more about this shot and the Ostriches:

All of us know that Ostriches are the flightless yet most giant birds in the world in terms of both heaviest and tallest. The bird has a long neck and long legs with a beautiful feathered body, and they tend to keep it loose and serene. They are shy birds with excellent eyesight, which keeps them to stay alert from their predators.

There are two species of Ostrich, the Masai Ostrich and The Somali Ostrich. They are native to Africa but can be found in different national parks and zoological parks across the globe. 

Ostriches are usually found in dry and hot places, open woodlands, deserts in some regions of Africa.

This particular captivating close-up macro of Masai Ostrich was recently captured by Jay at SriVenkateshwara National Park in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, last month in August.

This picture was taken from approximately 15 feet using a Sony Alpha camera and a 300 mm telephoto lens. It recently won the Judges’ favourite Award on Viewbug.

 Addressing the technical challenges he faced for this shot, Jay remembered the lighting not being in his favour. He had to wait approximately for about 30 minutes for Ostrich to come to a particular angle. The conditions were also humid, and as he wasn’t carrying a tripod, it became a little challenging to look into the viewfinder while handholding the heavy gear continuously. 

On specifically asking about Ostriches, he highlighted some interesting facts that their eggs are the largest of any living bird but are smallest when it comes to bird size. One good kick from as Ostrich can put a human or a hyena to death. Jay recalled that he first clicked Ostrich in an open Zoo when he was in Auckland. He has clicked the big bird a few times in New Zealand, Thailand, UAE and Bangalore. He plans to visit Africa next as soon as the pandemic gets over. 

Jay started birding almost 8 years ago, and to this date, this genre of photography fascinates him and happens to be one of his favourite photography subjects. In his own words, he mentioned, “Earlier, I only clicked record shots, because my agenda was to capture as many species as possible. As time went on, I realized that birds were excellent empathetic communicators, so my perspective changed. I took the time to observe my subjects more closely.”

On asking what it takes to be a successful wildlife photographer, Jay quickly responded that it is the combination of your skill and will. An entry-level camera combined with a mid-range telephoto lens can give you fascinating results if one is passionate. Or an SLR camera with an excellent in-built optical zoom of 50x or more can certainly do wonders. Yes, there would be some technical challenges, but you can get exciting outputs with patience, practice, and persistence. The gear accordingly can be upgraded when you are ready to reach the next level. He further added that in photography seeking inspiration from others is essential but devising your style matters the most.  

Currently, Jay works for a Travel Tech company in Noida. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and taking photos. His featured work can be viewed on the web, and he can be contacted via his Instagram handle @jvsphotogallery.

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