A Journey of Transformation: My Experience at Rythmia Life Advancement Center

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As I reflect on my transformative retreat at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in the serene Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica, I’m compelled to share my journey with those who seek healing, self-discovery, and a profound connection with their inner selves. My time at Rythmia in 2023 was an odyssey that reshaped my perspective on life, well-being, and the profound impact of Ayahuasca on my spiritual and emotional well-being.

Preparing for the Journey

In-depth Medical Screening: Prior to booking, Rythmia will send detailed instructions and a medical intake form. It’s crucial to read these carefully to ensure you’re physically and mentally prepared for the experience.You must be medically cleared in order to book and participate in the Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies.

Adopt a Pre-Ayahuasca Diet: To maximize the benefits of the ceremonies, begin cleansing your body at least a week in advance. Eliminate red meat, focusing on salads, fruits, and minimal protein. Consider intermittent fasting and abstain from alcohol, drugs, and reduce caffeine consumption. This diet helps detoxify your body, making the ceremonial experience more profound and less physically challenging.

Set Your Intentions: Daily journaling about your intentions for this journey can significantly enhance your experience. Meditation, breathwork, and yoga are excellent tools for reducing pre-journey stress and aligning your spiritual, mental, and physical states.

Arrival and Accommodations

Upon arriving at the airport and being greeted by the Rythmia team, I felt a sense of belonging. The shuttle ride to the center was a quiet moment of anticipation, shared with fellow travelers who were about to embark on their own personal journeys of discovery.

The rooms at Rythmia offered comfort and tranquility—essential after the intense night ceremonies. With plush bedding, AC, and upgraded amenities, every aspect of my stay was designed to support relaxation and reflection.

The saltwater pool and the lush surroundings of Rythmia provided a peaceful haven for contemplation and rejuvenation. The food at Roots Restaurant was fresh, organic, and locally sourced. The banana muffins at breakfast became a delightful ritual, symbolizing the simple yet profound pleasures that Rythmia offered.

The Ceremonies and Workshops

The heart of the Rythmia experience is the Ayahuasca ceremonies, conducted with reverence and care. These nights were journeys within, guided by the wisdom of the shamans and the supportive presence of the staff. Each ceremony was a step deeper into my psyche, unraveling layers of self I never knew existed.

The workshops, yoga sessions, and integration classes provided the tools to understand and assimilate the insights gained during the ceremonies. Victor’s yoga classes were a source of strength and clarity, helping me center myself for the day ahead.


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