A Common Dhobi and Pet breeder enables Laundry and Pet Services through his hardwork.

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Mr M Venu Gopal was born in a lower middle-class family where he and his family suffered a lot. They used to take one meal a day. Around ten members of the family live in Yousufguda, Hyderabad. Mr Venu Gopal, since the age of 12, helped his father with Dhobi services, pet care and pet centre step by step. He supported his father and signed contracts with govt hospitals and hotels for laundry services. 

From day one, when he and his father used to see the success of the lower middle class to the upper-middle class, they both decided to help other Dobhi people. Mr Venu Gopal is part of ACHR Indian Foundation as a Director (Anti Corruption Human rights and Vigilance Foundation)

 With the help of that Foundation, Dr N.V.S.Santosh Kumar built an IT company called Vimudha techno Networks India Pvt Ltd. He also created the app called Laundry boss and Pet Wala, where he gives this app to all Dhobi services people and runs pilot in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Banglore and Goa. He got some leads, and he is trying to build the business for Dhobis, a concept called Laundry at your Door Step.

The Laundy at Doorstep is something unique. The van will reach the customer’s place. They wash, iron, and hand over the clothes to the customer at the doorstep. The Pilot is successfully done there. They have got contracts from different hotels in Goa, Mumbai and Chennai. He grows along with his Dubis and makes his Dubis feel proud. 

 He encourages the Indian breed dogs. He always wants pets to be safe and secure. He and his brother Santosh always think of pets’ safety. They have rescued and saved so many pets. For that, Mr Venu Gopal has achieved an honorary doctorate award from a recognized university in the USA. 

Success in Venu Gopal Words

“I am successful today because of the major encouragement by my father and my wife Swathi who always helped me in my bad days. I felt like dying so many times but the person who shouted and encouraged me is Mr N.V.S.Santosh Kumar, Founder of Few NGOs and Prismm Ecom India Pvt Ltd. He gives me strength and he always shouts at me when I take a back step. He is a person who gives me ideas and recognized me. He is a person who helped to register the company called Vimudha Techno Networks India Pvt ltd. He has helped me and my entire Dhobi feels proud to create this laundry boss app and petwala app.”

Go to Market Strategy :

Till date, we have ten outlets where we are not promoted on social media. As we succeed, I want to promote this app and give the franchise to the Laundry Dhobi’s. Apart from that, from my NGO, we adopt pets and take care of them in Telangana. 

“I am thankful to my parents, my wife as well my friends who supported me. Today, I am here because of my dream and support. I want every Dhobi to feel proud by using our Laundry Boss technology and I am ready to give francize all over India with modern technology.” 

Success is not easy. If it comes, we should take care to step to the next level. As a venture, I am yet to get more success. The entire Dhobi and Petwala team feels proud and successful. When I see happiness in so many Dhobi people’s faces, I enjoy success at the same time. My team and I save the pets and take care of them, which is a significant achievement.

Soon with the help of some govt. and CSR funds, we would like to establish pet care centres in South India in the name of PETWALA, “Save the Life and Sankalp Global Welfare Foundation.” I am sure today if I reach one step further, along with me, I will take all my friends and Dhobi, Pet Bahais in this success story. 

Client Words:  Ch. Chandra Reddy says, “I and my resort are delighted because Mr Venu gives us the best on-time services and we thank Laundry Boss.”

Devinagasena: “Previously we used to suffer a lot with this cloth smell and customers use to shout on us but Laundry boss makes it simple.”Tarak Chowdary Hyd: When ever I go out side, Petwala team takes care of my pets. Thanks to team Petwala.”


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