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A Beautiful Belief. “A reason to live life and make life beautiful is nothing but a thought to live it in our way.”

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No one on this planet is born with what they need or what they want. Everyone has to create their fortune. The one who thinks with different beliefs, ideas, and aims will make the differences, and others will follow them again because it is the same problem that is belief. As it was said, one should follow the footsteps of some successful people, and those followers will be busy following them, and the leader will touch the sky.

We have to change such beliefs because every person has the right to reach the sky, then one will understand that to create our path is better than to follow someone’s path. We need a path that we create and for ourselves on which we can move. On another side, it is true that not every path will lead to success, but yes, I will always say that at least the wrong path can be corrected or an incomplete path can be completed.

When we think about a goal or aim, the biggest problem is sharing our words with others. Then their beliefs and their words distract us from our goal, for that the best way is to listen to everyone but to adapt we have to use our own heart and brain, use if we want, we can use the excellent suggestion but first, we have to concentrate on our goals and aim. 

Sometimes it is believed that we have to wait for the right opportunity. Still, the problem is we don’t know when that correct opportunity will come. So, we need to change those things by not waiting for the opportunity but by working on our path to bring that opportunity. Everyone has their way of creating opportunities. The problem is that when they cannot reach the goal, they get disappointed. Now when we know that nothing will get easier or nothing will be ours without working hard, why do we think to stop and get disappointed? We just need good power to think positive, and if we find it, we will be at the pinnacle.

We believe that what we want we should get and when we achieve that, it is our success. The reality is whatever we had achieved is what we needed, and that is not the success. The actual success is the name that our hard work and sacrifice have created. When one accepts this belief that life will be beautiful, there will not be a need for such objective happiness. When the name itself is a success, life itself will be successful. We are in a world where success is defined in different ways. Real success is only the one that people around us should feel our absence when we die. The day when our name will be added to success, our absence will be noted and felt.

We believe that the one at the top is lucky, and they will always be on top. The thing is, our beliefs are wrong. The one who is at the top is just because we are not at the top. They are at the top because we have not tried to reach the top. So the day when we start to push, luck will be in our favor, and the top is all ours. We just need to stop believing that we are not lucky because luck will favour only those who dare to work hard without any condition.

The one who has everything is believed to be a successful person, but the reality is very different. Not every successful person is happy. It’s simple that the happy person in life is successful and can achieve all the things in life. So, in short, you are a successful person if you live a happy life and accept yourself as the lucky person on the planet. We all have different problems, and everyone has a different attitude towards those problems. Some accept it and move ahead, while some oppose it and fight with the situation. The one who acts wisely according to time and situation wins the battle against all the problems. We just need to change our view towards those problems and beliefs. The biggest problem is that everyone knows what the problem is and how it can be solved, but the problem is who will solve it. Once someone starts, others follow the person. Hence, it is one of our worst beliefs.


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