5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Walking Holiday in the Lake District

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You must be excited after booking your first walking trip. Lake District hotel breaks are the perfect base for your walking holiday. Here are some of the top 5 tips to help you prepare for your hiking holiday. Have a safe trip.

1.         Get The Proper Kits

Check the packing and budgeting section of the trip page. Here, you will find some advice on the best kit to pack for your trip. You will find a recommendation list for clothes and equipment. You don’t need any special walking equipment for the trips unless you are going on a challenging one like the Kilimanjaro trek.

Note that, on these challenging trips, you have the option to hire the necessary equipment. You need to invest in a good pair of walking boots that fit properly. Make sure you have broken them in properly before the trip. Don’t forget to invest in breathable socks that are also well-padded. You need to buy socks with a thin layer underneath a thicker one to avoid blisters.

2.         Get Some Training Walks

You need to prepare for your trip. However, the amount of preparation depends on the walking grade of the trip and your fitness level. Check the trip details to find out about the walking grade and how far you are planning to walk every day. If it’s a moderate or challenging trip, you need to take a few walks before leaving to build up your fitness levels. Additionally, you will be able to prepare for the distances covered accordingly. Don’t forget to bring your backpack with you as well as wear your boots to make sure your body is prepared. Don’t forget to check your kit to make sure it’s comfortable.

3.         Tackle An Incline

You are likely going to come across some hills when taking your walking holiday, especially if it’s a challenging or moderate trip. Choose a hill or two for your practice walks to prepare yourself accordingly. If there are no hills, you can try out the stairs and avoid the lift for a few days.

4.         Stock Up On Snacks And A Good Water Bottle

You need to pack at least one reusable water bottle to use as you walk. It’s the best way to eliminate using single-use plastics. Try out a reusable bottle with an inbuilt filtration system to remove at least 99.9% of contaminants. If you are going for long walks every day, you need to carry more than one water bottle.

5.         Relax And Enjoy

Yes, training is important to build up your fitness and make sure you are not tired before arriving at your destination. Get enough sleep before leaving home and always take it easy before your trip. Therefore, you need to take time and relax before the long trip ahead. If you’re going to be walking long distances each day you’ll likely need more than one water bottle. Many walking holidays may not be route marches but you need to make sure you are fit enough and rested to go.

With these useful tips, your walking holidays will be a walk in the park!

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