1st Indian Direct Selling Company Working in 60+ Countries

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The brainchild of two visionaries, Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha (COO) and Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha (CEO), RiSEOO has officially launched on 2-2-2022, a company that had already expanded into more than 60 countries during the pre-launch phase. 

A revolutionary direct-selling company headquartered in India with corporate offices in Egypt, UAE, and Netherlands, it provides its affiliates with the privilege of uplifting their lifestyle. Every RiSEOO affiliate is bound to get exposure to the global market, have a stable income through a transparent business model, and have access to the finest range of beauty, grooming, and health products.

RiSEOO has a unique business model that gives True Residual Income, and RiSEOO has one of the highest paying business plans. It’s a True Hybrid Planthat offers its affiliates with eight ways to earn income.

They have launched the most significant incentive in the history of the direct selling industry, $ 1 Million per affiliate. If 100 affiliates achieve this, RiSEOO will pay $100 million in this incentive alone.

RiSEOO has already paid $9 million+ in commissions to its affiliates during its pre-launch phase; can you now imagine its potential?

With such a positive start embarking renowned Direct Selling professionals and transforming the lives of thousands of affiliates, RiSEOO provides a spectacular path to success to all its affiliates. 

You can also be a part of one of the World’s Fastest-Growing Direct Selling companies and live Tomorrow’s Lifestyle Today!

RiSEOO is a company of achievers! And its success recipe lies in its founding principles, GOAL.

Genuine – A Fair and Transparent Business 100% Crafted for Your Success

One Family– A Dynamic, Supportive Community of Entrepreneurs 

Affiliates First- Your personal and financial success is our top priority

Longevity- RiSEOO is built to last for a lifetime

With its network globally, multiple international offices, and several distributors’ centers, RiSEOO has been building a vast network of affiliates, constantly growing every minute across the globe. 

No matter where RiSEOO operates from in the world, it follows one vision and mission: “Empower millions of people to enjoy Tomorrow’s Lifestyle Today.”

A very interesting detail about RiSEOO is the story behind is its logo. RiSEOO’s logo represents the bird Phoenix, a mythical bird that can never be defeated and has the ability to rise from the same ashes. RiSEOO intends to infuse with undefinable zeal and bring out the best of potential. The Infinity sign represents the constant growth path and Infinite possibility to RiSE.

RiSEOO is a company that believes “One can only rise when we let others around us rise.” For anyone who dreams of building a business and a team globally, RiSEOO is indeed becoming a leading choice, with world-class business opportunities and products.

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