17-year-old child prodigy from West Bengal showed extraordinary excellence in the field of Scholastics

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Young Scientist of India, Aparup Roy from West Bengal showed extraordinary excellence in the field of scholastics that students at his age barely thinks off…

Aparup Roy, is a child who started doing research in the field of Chemistry at a very tender age, hence known as the *Young Scientist of India*. He had published two research papers on Chemistry in some of the most reputed internationally recognized journals namely, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) and International Journal of Scientific Research in Chemical Sciences (IJSRCS). He is

also an author who had already published two books on Chemistry namely “Problems in General Chemistry & Master ICSE Chemistry Semesters I & II for Class 10”. Although, he himself is a student of Class 10 but due to his extraordinary intelligence he wrote the total guide book of Chemistry for Class 10 to help the ICSE Board aspirants know the pattern of the Chemistry exam, effectively. Also, he has been published as a *Super Student* in the BYJU’S Student Blogs for carrying out a research experiment in his home to create a bio-plastic which could be used in place of the normal plastics to control the rate of hazards due to plastic pollution in the environment, as the bio-plastic that he had made is a bio-degradable one!

He is the youngest child from India who got his name published by the Mathematical Gazette run by the Cambridge University Press for solving one of the most difficult and unsolved mathematical problems and till

date he remains it’s youngest!

He has also been selected to go to the Mini-PhD-program held by the Harvard University (MIT) Graduates to encourage young minds to work upon their research and also he is collaborating with their scientists virtually, to carry out his research in chemical sciences.

His ground breaking research paper upon the change in contact angle of water at different temperatures led him to be appreciated by one of the most leading scientist of NASA and offer him to work with their Journal. He has also worked upon a hackathon project namely ‘EO DASHBOARD HACKATHON’ held by the joint venture of the NASA, ESA & JAXA and got appreciated for his efforts to address challenges of Covid 19 on Earth. Also, he has received 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals in the Goprep Talent Search Examination (GTSE).

He has also been awarded by the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS under the category of appreciation for making India proud, for his excellence in science, education and technology. He has bagged with rank 1 in the prestigious National Science Olympiad exam (NSO) and has topped his school and city (Durgapur). Also, he has received All India Rank 11 in the ISRO CYBERSPACE COMPETITION for providing his idea to deal with space debris in space and how to make deep space exploration easy to their scientists. Hobbies of Aparup is to read, discover new ideas, look up for discovering planets and asteroids in space, write books and mentoring young minds.

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