U.P’s First Instagram Verified Makeup Artist Aditya’s Story

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Everyone loves watching their favorite actors & actresses on the big screens. While they perform on screens, we are in love with their looks! Ever wondered, who gets that mesmerizing Bollywood looks done?

Celebrity makeup artists are the ones who give their all for that one perfect look of the artist. Talking about celebrity makeup artists, Aditya Kumar Sharma is stealing spotlights everywhere! He is now a well-known makeup artist in the industry and is Instagram verified in May 2022.

From the city of Nawabs Lucknow, Aditya had traveled a long journey having various ups & downs. Are you excited to know how his journey has been and what all it took to be at the place where Aditya is now? Let’s dig into Aditya’s life & his journey:

How Did it All Began?

Makeup has always been his most exciting hobby of Aditya since his childhood. He started doing makeup at a very young age but everything is not dependent only on the hard work in fact there’s an important role fate in it too.

At a very early stage of his life, he lost his parents. To sustain himself, he has to do jobs to meet his requirements. He knew that makeup has his all heart and he can’t continue doing these odd jobs all his life. 

He took a professional course on makeup from Faizabad and started his makeup career as a freelancer. Then there was no stopping him; he went on to work for prestigious brands like SaReGaMa, ZeeTv, and a variety of other shows, styling contestants and jury members.

How was the Experience Working with Bollywood Stars?

Aditya’s hard work and his keen interest in the makeup industry have made him a renowned and well-established name in the make-up industry.

His skills in professional makeovers have offered him to work with some of the country’s biggest celebrities. Before all of this, he used to do makeups of the contestants in various reality shows. After seeing his extraordinary skills, they asked him to be their personal makeup artist.

This is from where the game begins and now there is no stopping. He has worked with stars like Himesh Reshammiya, John Abraham, Diya Mirza, and Raveena Tandon, Neha Kakkar, Pooja Gaur, Ridhi Dogra.

Aditya says that working with female artists is a little bit different story. They are not only more conscious of their appearance; as artists, we must spend more time perfecting their appearance. Their look is more than just their makeup; it is a complete package of makeup, hairstyle, accessories, and dress, all of which change depending on the project. And now, because there are so many factors to consider, being aware is normal.

What are the Awards He Won Being in Makeup Industry?

Starting off is always tough but once you have a strong hold on the path then there is no looking back. The same was the story with Aditya too, his starting was tough and challenging in this industry but his determination, hard work, and patience has made him the make up artist of the celebrities.

In his journey, he has crossed various milestones and has been awarded for his skills and the efforts he give-in into each and every project.

In 2018, Dia Mirza presented him with the Ravishing Design Awards at the national level.

What Does He feel About His Work?

He has become a popular name among celebrities in just a few years, owing to how profoundly he understands hairstyling and makeup, as well as how effortless yet exquisite his work is. His ability to judge the appropriate look based on the situation and his subject is incredible. Aditya believes that makeup is a tremendous tool for expressing one’s true self, and when styling someone, he keeps this in mind. He aspires to get his work recognized on a global scale.

His Future Goals And Ambitions

Coming from a city like Lucknow, he’s always wanted to open his own makeup studio in his hometown and offer celebrity-level makeup, and like everything else on his to-do list, he’s accomplished this. Aditya owns the ‘Aditya Makeup Studio Academy & Unisex Salon’ in Lucknow, and he is proud to have brought such respect and prominence to the city where he grew up.

As a beauty influencer, he has inspired people to believe that no dream is too large. From bridal makeup to fashion shows, portfolio photographs to party makeovers, Aditya has worked in almost every aspect of styling. The drive to build a reputation for oneself and the enjoyment that your profession should provide you are unquestionably the key parts of this story.

Check out Aditya Kumar Sharma’s official Instagram account and official Facebook account.


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