Five Tips by Lakshya Sinha to Start a Successful Influencer Marketing Agency

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The digital marketing industry is not as easy as it may seem to look, yet it remains one of the most profitable and explored ones throughout the world. In this technology driven age, every reader has access to the internet which makes it possible to ensure that they stay hooked to a particular brand, celebrities and its genre.

Lakshya Sinha the young founder of a digital marketing agency known as Swagmark Media. Swagmark Media has established ongoing businesses with some big Indian brands and conglomerates within 2 years of establishment of the main office in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. His journey from scratch and excelled like no other with an immense reach within the digital marketing industry.

He shared 5 important points with us to start a successful digital cum influencer marketing agency.

Tip 1 – Network is Net Worth– Forming an influencer marketing agency means long-term influencer relationships which are beneficial to both parties.

As a brand, it means that the influencer is more invested in you and can be trusted to produce high-quality and authentic content. For influencers, long-term brand relationships show that the brand they are collaborating with trusts them completely, and opens up new collaboration opportunities.

Try to think about how you could work with an influencer in the long-term and how they could help explore new avenues such as account takeovers, brand ambassadorships or product collaborations. By aligning your brand with select influencers for the long-term, you’re more likely to tap into their influencing power.

Another essential tip is to follow these celebrities on various social media platforms. In this manner, you will be able to post content on their timeline. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential to reach out to celebrities and stay in their good books.

Tip 2 – Promotion is the Key- In this age where each and every person is active some way or the other on social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it is essential that you make your mark on every such social media platform. You need to devise ways of promoting your website and services in every way possible.

For that, you can either arrange for contests or rewards with a plethora of offers. You can provide links to your social media accounts on your website and vice versa for easy access.

Nowadays, people find it much more feasible to access content on social media rather than clicking on some website. So you can make your social media profile attractive so that people like it instantly.

Tip 3 – Do Research– Your aim should be to avoid replicating ideas from other digital marketing firms. There remains a high probability that other agencies are doing the same.

Also, before working with any influencers you should research them thoroughly. The increase in popularity of influencer marketing has led to a rise in the number of influencers in the market, and with that has come to a spike in influencer fraud.

Fake influencers inflate their follower count and engagement, in order to attract brands who will pay them for ineffective sponsored content. Partnering with such influencers can result in a loss for your brand because there’s no ‘real’ audience to engage with.

Be sure to carry out thorough background research on influencers and their social media profiles before working with them, in order to minimize your losses. You can easily check their average engagements per post and use this to calculate their engagement rate. It’s also worth checking to see if they’ve worked with any recognized or reputable brands in the past.

Tip 4 – Define Your Goals– An influencer marketing campaign without clearly defined goals and a specified target audience is almost certainly set to fail. You need to have a clear idea of your goals and who you will target in order to plan your campaign effectively.

There are numerous goals that can be achieved through an influencer marketing campaign, including increasing brand awareness, reach and engagement or generating revenue and leads. The goals you set will enable you to plan and measure your campaign successfully, by understanding the key metrics you’ll use to assess your performance.

Tip 5 – Quality Over Quantity– Choose influencers with a ‘high quality’ engaged audience, that match your target audience interests, rather than going for an influencer with the largest follower count. You should choose to partner with influencers who can truly have an impact on the audience you’re targeting. When selecting influencers to work with, it shouldn’t be about ‘who has the largest following’ – go for influencers with highly engaged audiences as these are the influencers who really have an impact on their followers.


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