5 Ways to Stick to Your Budget on Vacation:

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Do you love travelling? Are you planning a vacation but worrying about your budget? Or maybe you are someone who is looking for a luxurious holiday but don’t want to overspend.

Hi, I’m Sapna, owner of Pluto Travels and a Travel Marketing Expert.

Been in the travel and tourism industry since 2007 and being someone who has travelled to more than 45 countries so far and counting. I think I’m the right person to answer all of your budget travel-related questions.

Vacation should be fun, thrilling, and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean you need to overspend. Here I will share a few hacks and tips for you to travel smarter so that you can have the vacation you deserve within your budget.

  1. Plan itinerary and budget before you book:

            Create an itinerary and set a reasonable budget before your book your travel plans. Research what places to visit too! Compile information on restaurants and things to do ahead of time so when you arrive at each destination, you’ll know exactly what to do and where to go. Schedule the trip for the weekdays if possible – weekends can get pretty busy and costlier.

  1. Carry a Debit card or a prepaid Visa:

               When you’re travelling, try not to spend more than you have. It’s okay to use a debit card or prepaid Visa card for expenses on your vacation. That way, you’ll know exactly how much money you can afford to spend for the day or night. This will help you enjoy your trip more and focus on enjoying your destination instead of worrying about whether or not you’ll have enough funds as the night goes on. On that note, always carry a credit card with you – in case of emergencies – but never rely solely on this form of payment otherwise it could lead to unexpected challenges when travelling throughout different areas.

  1. Spend your money on experiences:

            While it’s exciting and kind to buy souvenirs for yourself and others, these can add up fast. Spend your money on new experiences, and take lots of pictures and videos because memories will last a lot longer than any small object you could buy anyway. For example, if you’re going on a beach vacation, you can spend half the day flying kites with your friends while taking a beach nap during the other. You can always end the day by making s’mores or jumping into pools

  1. Use a travel credit card:

             Yes I know I said to use debit and prepaid cards more, but while cash and prepaid cards have their perks, travel credit cards do too. Travel credit cards are a great way to help you get rewards for vacations you take without having to worry about draining your wallet of its cash or racking up huge amounts of debt from high-interest fees. Travel Credit card rewards can cover everything from flights and accommodation to insurance coverage for lost luggage.

  1. Cook some of your meals:

             When you’re travelling, it can be great to try all the local cuisine, but eating out too much can cost a fortune and take away from other experiences during your trip like seeing the local sights or visiting great attractions. So if your holiday lasts for more than a few days, consider staying in accommodations that include a kitchenette so you can cheaply cook simple food items in your room. Another tip is to see if the hotel you’ve booked offers complimentary breakfast or even better, take something to eat leftovers from that restaurant back with you to eat later on as part of a lighter meal during the next day of your stay. Hope you found some or all of these tips useful. Try acting upon these tips the next time you were planning your vacation and stay on track with your budget. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and tips regarding travelling, Follow me on Instagram at @luxurytravellerdubai.


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