Yash Agarwal – Renowned fitness trainer and nutritionist and the man behind Yash Fitness Kolkata

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Yash Agarwal is a Kolkata-based fitness trainer and nutritionist. He has a certification from Mumbai-based K11 Academy of Fitness & Science and is the founder of Yash Fitness, a one-stop solution for all fitness-related activities. He is known for curating specialized fitness programs based on one’s occupation.

Yash, being a fitness enthusiast himself, believes that fitness should be fun and challenging, and not boring. He adds an edge to every client’s workout routine by employing varied techniques. His workout plans are never the same and challenge his clients every single day, helping them to stay motivated to achieve their goals. His main motto is to unlock one’s physical potential to a maximum by focusing on weight management, customized diet plans, and strength training. Yash’s clients have reported seeing a holistic change in their lifestyles after following his regimes.

Yash Agarwal’s journey as a fitness trainer has been anything but easy. He had been suffering from several ailments since his childhood, staying admitted in hospitals for most of his teenage years, taking 20 to 25 medicines each day, leading a life wherein any other person would have given up. But it is his sheer grit and dedication that resulted in his improvement. He tried to seek help from several fitness coaches but to no avail. It is then that he started researching about his condition and forayed into the world of fitness, acquiring a degree from K11 Academy. His journey has been an inspiration to many and he wishes to help everyone who might have been in his shoes.

Yash Agarwal has worked with several national and international clients such as the heads of Great Eastern, Austin Plywood, Governor of West Bengal, Ex- home minister of Karnataka. He is currently training sports personalities for CAB. He has also organized several workshops with Swiggy, BIBS Institute of Management, Rotary Club Roundtable, and the Lions Club to name a few. Yash Fitness offers fitness programs for people from all professions; kids, senior citizens, sports players, IT professionals, people with joint problems, back problems, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc, and also people who are suffering from diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, asthma, etc and also has pre-wedding workout programs. They focus on weight training, strength training, bodyweight exercises, balancing training, core training, motilities, stretching, and weight training with free weights like Dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and other few weights equipment.

Yash’s phenomenal work brings him to the limelight every now and then, getting featured in leading dailies almost every week. He was recently invited to ET Now to be a part of a show where he spoke at length about new-age ailments, the significance of health and fitness, and the benefits of regular exercise, with meaningful insights from his personal training sessions. He has also been featured in top media of the country such as The Indulge magazine, The Times Of India, Dainik Vishwamitra, Sananda magazine, CNBC Awaz, Zee Business, and the likes.

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