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Winners Circle Genetics is Making its Mark in the Corporate-Dominated Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis users are always on the lookout for reliable brands that offer quality products at an affordable price. Finding both these perks in one brand is difficult unless the brand is Winners Circle Genetics.

Winners Circle Genetics is the foremost minority-owned cannabis brand, founded by Abou Thiam, Hassim Robinson, and Chris Milano Allison. The company has recently merged with CanaFarma (CNFHF), a respected public company. Winners Circle Genetics has already stood out of the competition with its exceptionally high-grade cannabis. However, their merger with CanaFarma (CNFHF) has given them the financial means to scale, expand and serve their customers even better. 

Cannabis users looking for the best-in-class cannabis products can easily find their perfect match on the Winners Circle Genetics website or Instagram. The brand responsibly abides by all the legalities associated with cannabis so that their customer can have a safe & pleasant shopping experience. 

How Winners Circle Genetics Is Leaving A Mark in the Corporate-Dominated Industry

Just like any other industry, the competition in the cannabis market is pretty fierce. The majority of the market share is dominated by the corporate giants leaving little to no space for small businesses to grow.

However, these obstacles did not deter Abou, Hassim, and Chris from scaling their business. The brand even went on to be awarded the prestigious 2020 Hall of flowers award for their widely-loved PBJ strain. 

Winners Circle Genetics also released the Birkinz strain in collaboration with Quavo, which was an instant hit. The strain was distributed across major dispensaries in the state and was soon sold out. 

Winners Circle Genetics is a luxury cannabis company that specializes in curating premium-grade cannabis strains and products. They have been consistently focusing on going out of their way to developing innovative strains without compromising the quality. Their consistent efforts have slowly helped them break into the corporate-dominated industry in a way that no other minority-led business has been able to accomplish.

The Secret Behind Winners Circle Genetics’ Unprecedented Success

Every business aims to manufacture quality products to gain the trust of their customers and serve them better. 

However, what makes Winners Circle Genetics different is the consistency in their efforts. Abou, Chris, and Hassim believe that the market share or the size of the company doesn’t decide its fate. Hence, it is essential to keep working and not leave any stone unturned to grow your business.

Whether it’s using social media to spread the word and reach out to potential customers or strengthening operations, every company should lay down a solid foundation right from the beginning. When a big opportunity comes their way, they should have the means to grab it and scale accordingly. 

It is this faith in their potential and mindful strategizing that help them rise to prominence and reach the top-tier cannabis brands. 

Winners Circle Genetics has its eyes set at the number one position in the industry. With their brilliant range of products and consistent efforts, they will soon be ready to spread their roots even further. After all, it’s the customers who make or break a brand, and Winners Circle Genetics have indeed managed to impress their consumers with a great product and impeccable service. 

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