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Why steroids are both good and bad for a bodybuilder’s health? Answers Ubbay Francis

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Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai according to Google. He is the bestselling author of The Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding published by Digital Golgappa. He is also a casting director, celebrity bodybuilding coach, model, actor, digital marketing ethusiast, artist coordinator, public figure, celebrity management expert, client management expert and a lot more.It’s all about talent he believes. His hardwork and passion is not hidden for anyone to see. He is an amazingly talented, intelligent, and handsome individual.

In his book the Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding, he explains about the various aspects of a bodybuilder’s life. Steroids is both good and bad. And how does it change a person’s health. Why it should or should not be taken, why it is or it is not taken, everything is available in this book. Grab your copy today!

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