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Veganism Is Not the Solution If You Are Against Factory Farming: Carnivore Aurelius Explains Why

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We need to eat to survive, that will never be up for debate but right now at this very moment somewhere in the world, endless amounts of people are debating and defending what we should eat. Carnivore Aurelius are the creators of grass-fed meat products, primarily beef liver and steak crisps that offer a healthy way to support a carnivorous diet. We reached out to the experts at Carnivore Aurelius to find out why veganism may not be the solution for those opposed to factory farming.

Veganism, which is classed as being an extreme diet has become more of a social choice than a health decision, with the lives and souls of potential meat sources being placed on the scales to weigh the argument in favor of a meat-free diet. Fears over inhumane factory farming and meat with dubious origins can leave you wondering if veganism is the most ethical option. According to the experts at Carnivore Aurelius, it isn’t. The simple truth, they explain, is that veganism is not the natural opposite of factory farming, ethical, traditional farming is. For anyone opposed to the big business of the factory process the solution that can truly set their mind at ease is ethically sourced, traceable meat. Carnivore Aurelius was created, according to its founders, to meet this need, by using grass-fed, ethically reared meat to create beef liver and steak crisps that can both complete a carnivore’s diet and put their mind at ease.

Founded in 2018, Carnivore Aurelius has followed a powerful mission statement since its inception; provide dehydrated meat snacks that contain absolutely no additives, seasoning, or spices. By leaning into simplicity, they appear to have conquered a market that had a high demand in need of a supply. The ethics of what we eat and how we source what we eat, are likely to continue being debated for many years to come. Thankfully, there are now meat products that provide anyone who is questioning the value and cost of eating meat, with peace of mind as well as much-needed nutrients.

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