The Story Behind Gorilla Supplements, Creators of One of the Best Pre-Workouts on the Market

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Sandra Pearce and her partner Naj always put a premium on their health and fitness as they’re both gym-goers and share healthy eating habits. Together, they have built a shop called Gorilla Supplements, one of the top-sellers of pre-workout supplements and other similar products in the market. Their company started in their hometown of Cheshunt, England.

Gorilla Supplements currently has a competitive team of health and fitness experts led by its founder Sandra. Naj also works actively for the brand, especially in the gym and bodybuilding information and guidance the company offers its clients. They have Clare PT, who works as the shop’s nutritionist and is a key member of the staff. Sandra and Naj’s sons, Jason and Junaid, also work for the company, with Jason managing their social media platforms.

Sandra’s interest in health and fitness came from her love of dancing, which evolved into heavy aerobics and similar exercises. She is also a fan of martial arts and has found self-discipline through it. Naj, her real-life partner, has been going to the gym constantly for most of his life. Healthy eating and proper diet is another thing Naj promotes as part of Gorilla Supplements.

During their first few years as a couple in Cheshunt, Sandra and Naj frequented local gyms. To help in their physical exercises, they needed pre-workout supplements, which were extremely difficult to find in their area. Items sold in their local gyms were either incomplete or overpriced, so they had to travel long hours to find what they needed. They tried searching the internet as well, but the quality of the products was often inferior and they couldn’t check it before buying.

Since other people who love going to the gym were also having trouble finding supplements, most of them urged the couple to build a store. This idea took years for Sandra and Naj to think about as they weren’t sure if they were up to it. They were both young, so if they pursued the idea, they only had their passions to start with. They finally took on the challenge and started looking for the perfect shop and perfect location.

When everything fell into place, Gorilla Supplements became the name of the shop the couple built as their passion project. Together, they have helped thousands of people gain access to pre-workout and dietary supplements most helpful for gym-goers. They have created a strong social media presence as well, with their Facebook and Instagram pages getting thousands of likes and followers.

Despite the global, catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandra is very proud of the fact that they were able to keep the business rolling.  This is just one of the challenges that their young company faced and was able to overcome because of their passion and dedication. Sandra, Naj, and the rest of the Gorilla Supplements team are working tirelessly to come up with more solid products to keep their clients satisfied.

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