Social Media Promotes Unrealistic Body Standards, says Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky

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Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky

Social media is changing the way we all live; from what we do to how we view ourselves. This impact of social media has made things difficult for certain individuals, causing the belief that their looks aren’t at their full potential. Luckily, Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky, Z Facial Plastic Surgery in NJ, has a handle on the impact of social media on beauty standards.  

Dr. Zhuravsky is a professional in the facial plastic surgery process. Known for his meticulous work and astonishing results, the surgeon is bound to provide what’s best for his patients; he listens to his clients, providing them with physical and emotional solutions by allowing them to express their expectations and desires. He also does not hold back when it comes to providing patients with candid professional opinions to help them understand what is realistic and reasonable.

One of Dr. Zhuravsky’s most impactful moments was with a beautiful young girl that came in for a consultation. The patient inquired about several different procedures, but after examination Dr. Zhuravsky did not feel that she would be a good candidate for the requested services. He explained that her features were already aesthetic pleasing and in a balanced harmony. When Dr. Zhuravsky stated that she was already a beautiful girl, her response was “not by today’s beauty standards”.

The “unrealistic beauty standard” has been around much longer than social media. Magazines, advertisements, and movies have always portrayed some of the most beautiful people, with professional makeup, and in the best lighting possible. Dr. Zhuravsky believes the issue now is that “with social media it seems that everyone around us looks like those movie stars all the time.” He points out “most people don’t post photos of what they actually look like when they wake up or wash off their makeup. What really happens is they take multiple pictures with contoured makeup and post the best ones.” There is nothing wrong with showing off your best, but the constant immersion in this unrealistic world of everyone else’s best pictures can certainly skew one’s perception of normal standards.

Dr. Zhuravsky does note that like any other platform or tool, social media is not all bad and there is a flip side. It allows for people to express themselves, share knowledge, learn new things, and communicate with many others all around the world. “There is a lot of great information out there, you have to keep an open mind but stay on guard and skeptical at the same time” warns Dr. Z.  He points out” You can’t believe everything that you see, but you can take that information, digest it, and use it along with other pieces of knowledge to help make educated decisions”. When it comes to beauty and social media specifically, there is a very fine line between using it as a learning tool and holding it as standard for your own appearance. “You can discover new makeup tricks, find styles of clothing, and learn about cosmetic procedures, but it is very important to avoid comparing yourself to others” warns Dr. Zhuravsky. Social media has become a part of our lives and it is here to stay, you can either use it properly or let it get the better of you.


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